Being abusive strategy: Choosing a victim

If you’re going to have complete mind control over someone it’s important to first assure yourself that the person is of limited enough mind for you to understand.  With portions of thinking unbridled, such as self-esteem and an underlying sense of ethics, you will never truly be able to rein in your victim. A rational thinking human being will see your outbursts and unreasonableness as character flaws.  They will lose respect for your opinions. When a controller has no respect then he/she is powerless. Before asserting yourself as “in control” you must find someone who is not. This person may not be whole as a person in some sort of way. They may be insecure, be it from society or a past abusive relationship.  Someone used to abuse is a wonderful target because they have clearly accepted that they are deserving of repeated beatings and fall easily back into stockholm syndrome. You will just substitute yourself in as the abuser.

Case of the missing Veuve

He accused me of taking   

A wad of the green

And though I postulate

The thought is obscene


Still he maintained

A theif was I

And there it was

I started to cry


Of all the things

I’ve done I regret

Not once did I

Steal someone’s wad with intent


So I thought on

And then sadly I fell

Not knowing if he

Or if’t was I had the spell


For three days I thought on’t

And after did say

If I can’t remember,

It must be the tray


State induced

Was my meanor

When looking did I

Find nothing around

But a bottle of dry


I started drinking

And my mind did produce

An array of ideas

but nary a truce


For one starts to wonder

When accused of a deed

If maybe the accuser

Isn’t a seed

Whence this thought did come

I came with a keeper

If I drink all the Veuve

He can’t call me reaper


I looked at the bottle

Chilled all so well

But when’t was opened

No good did i smell


I’ve heard that Veuve

Is the poor man’s Dom P

But not for this little

Bitch by the sea


Hating Veuve and knowing

He’s in such a stooper

When he returns from his trial

Will he notice the snooper?


An idea I can’t

Possibly entertain

As I am a pawn

In his sick little game


So leave me alone

You accusing old goof

Because t’wasn’t I

Who Made off with your Veuve

by Bethany Ryan sometime a long time ago

The True Story of Bonnie Parker

They will go down together

When he leads the way

Feeding to her

What he learned in jail


But why was Clyde mad?

There’s one little secret

How he got fucked in the ass

Still vengeance completed


So as you meet Clyde

And all his charms show

If the man seems too perfect

Pull the file on Barrow


A pissed off juvenile brat

Bad seed of the worst

Learned to survive

Easthame outbursts


Clyde Barrow was cunning

But what you should know

Is everything he learned

Before chopping his toe


With a chip on their shoulders

They come for support

To survive in Easthame

You must be a sort


Grand manipulators

With instinct to boot

The friends they make

Taught many a brute


In the pen manipulation

Is the key to survival,

And brain games are fun

When seeking revival


Choose your victims wisely

Impressionable, lonely

The old or the young

The downtrodden the homely


But the first thing a con wants

And everyone knows it

Is a nice little girl

Who easily goes it


Where a victim to find?

Why look at her house

Pretty girls are everywhere

If even with spouse


So Clyde found his Bonnie

And she went with him blindly

She took on his burdens

She treated him kindly


Then Clyde loved Bonnie

So perfectly so

That he brought her through peril

And down they would go


A lesson to you

My Bonnie lass

Beware of perfection

‘cause perfection don’t last


-Bethany Ryan, 4/19/16