Venus Retrograde 2018 Guide – Friends, career, home and food.

Venus Retrograde Fall 2018 – Starts September 3 with effects being felt through the end of 2018

Venus (my favorite planet) is in retrograde for the rest of the year. While I could do something drastic, I am choosing this time to outsmart it and to look at the situation with the ice cream container half full.

Venus is the planet of beauty and love. When it’s in retrograde everyone looks like crap. Instead of changing your look or starting a new fitness program, try doing the things that you never let yourself do when you have control over your life!

Venus retrograde – Anyone want pizza?

Hate working out? Good. Sit on the couch right now and let your body go back to baseline. Everyone needs a reset at some point just like a computer. That’s what cheat days are about. That’s what you do when you plateau in a workout regimen. You completely change everything up or take time off. A step backward can give you momentum into moving forward further than you’ve ever gone before. It’s like a slingshot. In physics, inertia is a phenomenon where you change nothing so nothing changes. If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got. The slinghot scenario is pulling back, such in this case as pulling back on the self control when it comes to overly strict appearance standards, so you can be propelled into maximum velocity in your movement toward your target. Balance is the key to life so you want to hit the ground running when Venus is solidly heading direct again in January. This is the perfect time too since it’s winter and no one cares about your looks that much right now anyway. Get some sweaters and focus on things that are more internal and/or concrete.

Oh, hi. I’m really skinny under the sweater. You saw me last month. I was skinny. How could I be fat already? No one can eat 9,000 calories a day! (Jessica Simpson – Queen of the bait and switch).

I’ve noticed in my personal life, as I look back, that I make huge progress during Venus retrogrades. The last Venus retrograde was in Spring of 2017. You can think back to what was going on during this time. I started a business.

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The last Venus retrograde in Scorpio (just like that one that we’re in) was in 2010. Do you remember what was going on in the fall of 2010? Chances are it was a time of growing pains but looking back you may have conquered new territory both figuratively and possibly realistically.

Through the course of one lifetime, Venus only retrogrades in five signs:
Gemini – May/June 2004 + May/June 2012
Capricorn/early Aquarius – December 2005/January 2006 + December 2013/January 2014
Leo/early Virgo –July to September 2007 + July to September 2015
Aries – March/April 2009 + March/April 2017
Late Libra/Scorpio – October/November 2010 +  October/November 2018 (

Looking at this chart I had major breakups, meltdowns, moves and career transitions during most of these times.

I’m going to use my move to Los Angeles as an example of how the last Venus in Scorpio worked for me.

I moved to Hollywood in the fall of 2010 and started working at a sound studio. I wasn’t making enough to own a car and my whole life had fallen apart in the year before. I broke up with the love of my life and also transitioned from Las Vegas where I was making huge money to making $12 an hour with no love and looking HORRIBLE. Right after this time, however, I had the time of my life. I met my best girlfriends as an adult during this time as we all struggled in Hollywood.

At the Los Angeles Museum of Art with Amanda having fun early 2011
Girls trip to San Diego August 2010 – Meagan (, Liz, Kristin and Me (of course and slightly unfortunately)
New Years 2010/2011 working for Dealer Dolls at a party in Santa Monica
Netflix and chill Friday nights at Amanda and Thayer’s – Fall 2010

Having fun in Los Angeles with friends Fall 2010 and Spring 2011

I became vegan and stopped drinking.

Feeling good eating vegan and not drinking.

I looked and felt great. I wasn’t driven by jealousy or anger because of my lifestyle. The most wretched fall lead to a much better lifestyle.

A nice vegan staple sample at Whole Foods – July 2011
Wow did I look forward to that vegan latte everyday! Those espresso pods give me a buzz!

Not to get ahead of myself too much, I’m eating a tub of ice cream right now. Venus retrograde is about relishing in your ugliness and doing things that make yourself uglier…because there’s no stopping it. Your plan is to dig yourself out of the ugly hole in January and by summer to be on track with a healthy lifestyle. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Going for walks in the hills during my happy/healthy 2011