Rethinking the DSM

What if multiple personalities are just different realities in a quantum physics regard? If you are able to quantum leap you would simply take any given moment where multiple realities converge, and based on your “mood” change the course, or bend reality into any converging reality. The other personalities could be living converging realties, they would have to, if they were to converge again but more likely a new personality would have not been experienced before if it were in the case of this happening, though the potential would be infinite. If this were possible it would be possible to take the history of any reality and opt that previous course in a given moment given the previous outcome had not been previously known or documented…to one’s knowledge. This would mean that anything that you accessed online, say on YouTube, could be a product of any previous dimension, so the potential for what we can access on the internet is contrived by our own consciousness at any given moment for what is potential and anticipated. This would explain watching a tarot reader, for example, and having the reading apply strangely to one’s own life to a T almost.