How to avoid pneumonia and bronchitis using ancient knowledge – 6 steps to becoming a lung zen master

After studying Feng Shui, Eastern Medicine, Holistic Medicine, and even Astrology, I’ve applied different techniques in my own life as a sort of trial and error. Being predisposed to catching pneumonia and having had a severe case of bronchitis as an adult, I can recognize the chest pressure and fluid-filled lungs that signify onset of these two potentially debilitating illnesses. I thought that I’d share a little about my experiences with these common winter illnesses, explain how to identify their onset, and how to treat the initial symptoms before you end up seeking medical care, missing work, and potentially ending up on some hard-core antibiotics. Raise your vibration and save the meds for when you REALLY need them.

A quick side note: Because of my history with antibiotics I developed a case of resistant, systemic bacteria twice in my life. One was MRSA from a spa and the other was Pseudomonas from the beach. After these experiences I am keen on re-building my immune system. I think that moderate exposure to germs in everyday life is okay. I don’t overly sanitize my hands or avoid public places. I worked from home for the last year and am now re-entering the workplace in flu season. The doctor at my recent checkup offered me the flu and pneumonia vaccines for this season and I declined. Hopefully my methods are going to keep my resilience up but nothing is guaranteed in this life as we all know.


When I got bronchitis as an adult I had a fever of 104 and missed an entire week of work. My family had come to visit be in Las Vegas, where I was living at the time. I was unable to do anything with them. I remember my mom and brother sitting on the couch in the living room of the house where I was living with my roommate and his dog. The rest of the week I just remember being in bed. I was completely out of commission. Identifying bronchitis vs pneumonia is essential in seeking treatment as bronchitis is often environment related at the beginning. Being exposed to allergens such as smoke and dust can lead to irritation and a build up in the mucous membranes of the lungs. This provides an environment where bacteria can flourish. They’ll move in and tell all of their friends. At that point you’ll need the antibiotics and be in the sort of shape where I ended up when I was working in the smoke-filled casinos. Bronchitis can also result after having the cold and flu viruses. If it does you will likely end up on antibiotics because the inflammation from the primary illness causes secondary bronchitis which is bacterial. This is why it’s important to take measures at the first signs of illness. This can prevent your illness from developing.


Growing up I had pneumonia at least seven times. I had major issues related to having a diaphragmatic hernia and the pneumonia was likely related to a weakened immune system and a collapsed lung. I remember being on amoxicillin and penicillin a lot. I remember liking the bubblegum flavored medicine. Unfortunately the exposure to antibiotics early on may have built up a resistance to dangerous strains as I experienced as an adult. Prevention is key, but once the onset of pneumonia is realized it is often necessary to treat with antibiotics.

Both illnesses give that heavy lung feeling and pressure in the chest. It’s not a raspy feeling, which can actually be good. It’s a sign that the mucous is ready to start releasing on its own. When you feel the pressure, however, with no sign of relief, you could be gearing up for a long endeavor and should try everything in your power to prevent further onset. Raise your vibration and get your environment in optimal order.

First line of attack: Clean out the lungs

As my telltale symptoms started coming on last week with the minus 35 degree windchill (yes, Farenheit), I started with putting hydrogen peroxide into a vaporizer. The thought behind this is that hydrogen peroxide is used to clean wounds. Pneumonia and some types of bronchitis are treated with antibiotics. I figure the way to topically treat the lungs as if they were wounded would be to breathe something that kills bacteria, like hydrogen peroxide. I’m still mobile so whatever was on-setting did not completely take hold. I started the hydrogen peroxide vapor to kill bacteria in my lungs when I breathe it in. If it works or if it doesn’t work could all be related to mind over matter, but in these instances it’s good to attempt SOMETHING instead of sinking into “I’m sick” mode. Then you will absolutely end up in the hospital.

Boost the frequency of your air with rose oil to up your immunity.

Rose has the highest frequency of most common essential oils. Raising your vibration will keep you out of the hospital. Use rose essential oil in your vaporizer too. I actually threw it in with my hydrogen peroxide and some alkaline water. I’m also reckless. But if you’re feeling wild you could mix them all together in one swift dose. Otherwise do them one at a time.

I haven’t researched the chemical reaction between peroxide and rose. Really, it could be amazing or it could result in something like when I put my vodka and cucumber in the Nutribullet with some lemon. EEK. It was like a sip of poison before I threw it out. Not sure what that was symbiotically but don’t ever blend those things together. Gross!

At the first sign of chest pressure or fever start Echinacea

I got some Zesty Orange Original Airborne this time because I like the added Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals that have been pre-determined to work together harmoniously. Echinacea always stops colds and fevers for me if I catch them soon enough. Some people go for zinc in Zycam as their end-all illness remedy. Echinacea is what works for me so it must depend on what you’re pre-disposed toward. My old boss was obsessed with Zycam and had it stockpiled in the employee cabinets along with snacks and a fridge filled with every type of soda imaginable. He’s also a Gemini and I know that Gemini is on the opposite side of the zodiac from Sagittarius (which I proudly am). I figure that the zodiac signs more pre-disposed toward evil would do well with Zycam. Just kidding. I’m sure that there are Geminis out there with redeeming aspects to their charts. Maybe a moon in Taurus or Leo/Virgo rising? I have the best results with Echinacea. I’d really be interested to know who does better with Zycam and who does better with Airborne. Maybe Zycam is better for head issues like split personalities and a propensity toward extra-curriculars. I guess it’s none of my business.

Feng shui rules: Water evaporates with fire

Dry out the up air and clean up the low air. The use of the vaporizer on the ground helps to ignite the Qi, or life force in my being.

Libra rules the heart chakra. It’s an air sign. Clean up your air with a vaporizer. Add hydrogen peroxide instead of some of the water and boost it with rose oil. Use distilled or alkaline water. Nothing from the tap. That’s garbage.

I took the glasses of water off of the night stands. Each night we would go to sleep with a glass of water on either side of the bed. I thought about the Feng Shui I learned while I was doing Real Estate and staging homes. You are never to put a picture of water above the level where water could physically reach on your body without compressed or hindered function. In Feng Shui this is essentially drowning yourself. That’s why it drives me nuts when I see Monet’s bridge paintings placed high. Good way to drown your business.

Water is very destructive but also essential for life. Learn to use it to your benefit! Never piss a Scorpio off, be a Cancer’s BFF, and watch Pisces like a hawk. Pisces is the most advanced placement of Rahu you can get. They understand that life is about learning, and that living is about enjoyment and taking what you need to survive. Thus a Pisces, like water, can conquer everything. They are also the most likely sign to sit in despair and say, “Now what?” Just like Scorpio murders your entire family and then feels bad about it, Pisces and Cancer can be equally brutal in their own ways. Those dealing with lung conditions should enhance the fire aspects of their charts when dealing with a lot of water. You want to get some balance in there. Air supply.

I thought also about the fact that my boyfriend and I are both fire signs. It makes sense that water puts out fire. The glasses of water were at the level of our faces and chests. We were essentially drowning, at least as I can see relating to Qi. I moved all water or liquid to a floor shelf across the room. The vaporizer was also on the floor and moistening the air with antibacterial and high vibration cold steam. I replaced the water glasses with a green or pink candle on either side of the bed.

Color therapy indicates that burning a pink or green COLORED candle improves function of the heart chakra. A blockage here can also benefit specifically from a rose quartz or emerald crystal. Clear crystals often clean so are good to boost other crystals or candle effects.

I gave my boyfriend a yellow candle because I think he has a Solar Plexus issue, but I didn’t say that. He definitely needs a candle there instead of the water. And maybe a Tony Robbins CD. The candles seem to be helping our sleep and I’m not having symptoms with those in lieu of the water.

Buy crystals for healing.

I also suggest putting a carefully selected crystal, such as a selenite or rose quartz crystal, on either side of the bed for the purpose of clearing the heart chakra. At bed level with the candles. Drying out the vapor and igniting life force.

Selenite unblocks stagnant energy which would clear the chakras and allows the vapor to flow through the system. Selenite is cleansing to energy.

Selenite crystal bundles on Etsy. A cute gift idea. These have lavender and amethyst. Lavender, like rose, has a high vibration. It’s good for sleep. Amethyst is the best healing stone. I recommend it to anyone struggling to improve their health. Palo Santo is sacred wood that can be burned to clear energy similar to sage. It’s cleansing and enhances blessings.

I would research your individual symptoms and figure out logically where your blockages are. For me, my heart chakra is the area that was feeling the impact. The heart chakra can also benefit from a large rose quartz.

Rose quartz is the love stone. It’s beneficial for pets, as well as healing the heart chakra in humans. Any maladies in the chest cavity can be related to blockage in the green heart chakra. Not sure how this translates to pink but I do think that they look fantastic together.
Hint: Put the crystals out in the sun to cleanse them during the day.

The energy from these stones is easy to feel. You can hold a rose quartz and feel its charge. If you don’t feel energy from it it’s probably a dud. Or you’re a dud. But I’d try a different stone before admitting that. Because it’s important to find a real rose quartz, or citrine in my boyfriend’s case, I don’t recommend buying them online. That is, unless you are ordering on Etsy from a highly rated seller or with some sort of certification. There are a lot of fakes on the internet. A fake quartz stone has no effect, other than the placebo effect. Some stones are very rare to find in their authentic forms and even expensive.

Dorothy went to the Emerald City for a reason. She needed to find the Tin Man his heart.
I’m so heart chakra right now. All those years with unrequited love really took a tole on me.

Or in my boyfriend’s case:

He took an Iowa beating and lost his boyish good looks in Doomsville. I have to drag him everywhere. It’s really hard on me and makes my lung condition worse.

Tea Time: Get some Manuka, Honey

We’ve been drinking tea with various herbs and put honey on everything. Honey has antimicrobial properties. Especially Manuka Honey.

Manuka Honey might break the bank. It’s imported from New Zealand and a good batch from a reputable beekeeper can be $100. The benefits are endless.
Honey is GREAT for its antimicrobial properties related to the lungs but also has a whole host of other wonders. Such as fixing pretty much everything gut related. Have some tea with honey and lemon to help with Solar Plexus blockages. You might get a better singing voice too, but no guarantees. Click for more info on wonderful Manuka Honey

I’ve been feeling better since doing these small changes. I have my energy back enough to be inspired to write a blog. That’s a big deal. Healing the soul is key in raising your vibration, which in turn eliminates illness. Keep rose oil around and use it in a diffuse or buy a rose candle to keep your environment vibrating high.

Click the frequency chart to learn more about the Johns Hopkins study that led to the creation of this chart.

Also keep in mind your astrological chart. I am a fire sign so I need to dry out. I might be more pre-disposed to winter illnesses and fluid build up when not vibrating at optimal frequency. If you are a water sign or have other aspects in your chart you may benefit from other healing and wellness methods.

Final remarks: Astrology

Pay attention to where Mars sits in your chart. What house is it? What does that house determine? For me Mars is in the 12th house. This means that I’m fighting battles in my sleep. Mars is a hot planet so I feel that water by the bed makes me drown. The location of Mars in your chart can indicate where you experience troubles.

Lung ailments are closely related to the heart chakra. Learn more about the heart chakra and what may be causing blockages.

Keep an eye out for potential connections in your own life to blockages you may have experienced. What chakra may have been involved in your hardship? What caused this chakra to become blocked? What ended up clearing the blockage to release you from the burden? These are very important questions for understanding your own predispositions. Keep an eye out for common occurrences in your life. As my lungs have issues, perhaps you have trouble expressing yourself and it expressed in a thyroid issue. This is just an example. Or society beat you down too much and your liver gave out from self-imposed guilt drinking, and then your nervous system went haywire and every ailment you’ve ever had started hurting again. These are another example. The chart below is a great place to start in understanding chakras.

I’ll write more blogs on planets and predispositions. I’ve been studying these for a year now hard core. And I don’t hate water signs, they’re just a detriment to my personal health. It’s horrible recognizing that bias yet as essential as avoiding cobras.

Everyday I’m doing seminars and tutorials on astrology, vedic astrology, and reading charts. If anyone reading this has questions on their chart I’ll be opening up an interactive section on here soon. There will be vlogs and personal readings will be available. I’ll do my best to help you figure out what planetary aspects may be at hand regarding your current circumstances. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a healthy and happy February. Stay warm. We’re almost done with Winter and Spring is right around the corner!