Horoscope for April 2019 – The Pink Full Moon in Scorpio

Note: The official almanacs are considering this full moon at 29 degrees of Libra, a critical degree point. Based on my location, in Iowa, I originally pulled the reading for the full moon day as the evening, when we will be viewing it in the sky. The moon will cross over into 0 degrees Scorpio mid-day on Thursday April 19. My reading is taking into account the planetary energy that will bring us into the weekend.

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The April 2019 Pink Full Moon in Scorpio is going to be all about feminine energy and the ending of outdated ways of doing things. This relates to politics, as well as our dynamic personal relationships including society and work.

The Pink Full Moon in Scorpio April 19, 2019 vibe will be felt April 14-24.

Watery energy starts out April

The first few days of April my 12th house has felt extremely activated. I’ve been having heavy nightmares and feel this dark presence all around me (so 12th house).

Personal note: We just got this cat. He was hanging around in a mechanic’s shop in Cedar Rapids. I’ve studied a lot about pets coming into your life. Cats are portals. The 12th house is a portal. It could be that the cat is igniting these dreams or it could have to do with unendurable personal situations.

Dark, unforeseen forces were at play when Uranus was at 0 degrees Taurus (starting March 6/7). It just moved back into Taurus after being there from May-November 2018. A particularly hard time for me. Then the retrograde back into Aries killed pretty much every shred left of a normal life that I had. Uranus controls unforeseen events and technology. A planet’s aspects are greatest at 0 degrees. You would think that it would be higher degrees but actually the transition between signs can also be a portal. Especially for slow moving planets like those that are the farthest away from the sun. Unforeseen events in the home sector, such as those close to me dying, seem to be related to Uranus at its current state. I’m trying to figure out why. Here’s a chart that I pulled for right now:

April 2019 Horoscope Placements
April 3, 2019: There’s a lot of water going on this month. I figure that I’m going to have to rise like the phoenix to get out of this current state of affairs or end up drowning

I see that Mars is at 1 degree of Gemini. This in itself is problematic for me because Gemini is the opposite of my strong Scorpio/Sag chart. Neither are represented well. Mars ruler, Aries, is also at low degrees, 2, of chiron and magic 13 of the Sun. Mars being activated stirs up tension. As Mars is in the 12th house for me, my current experience is one of stirring up past feelings of turmoil relating to other people, especially in my youth (see earlier blog from today). All of my old disturbances are coming back in an obsessive fashion. I’m having the same nightmares that I had in 4th grade. I’ve been dreading going to sleep.

If you look at the heavy water aspect in this chart, you’ll see that the fast moving, close-by Moon, Mercury, and Venus are all in Pisces. Neptune, Pisces’ shady ruling planet, is also in Pisces. So we have a lot of Pisces going on. My biggest problems have generally been with Pisces and Gemini women, as far as haters go. Pisces and Gemini men seem deceitful opportunists. And they’re usually old…awkwardly. All of the Pisces I have known have been older than me, and the Geminis too. That’s a personal experience. Pisces are old souls too. Geminis are the big talkers. Just honestly can’t stand either sign.

There’s water everywhere and bullshit in the air.

I’m having a lot of trouble dealing with liars, who I know are lying, and constantly lie, yet still are disrespectful enough to continue lying knowing that I know that they lie. Those would be the Geminis especially. Always with an angle. I’m finding it intolerable right now. Can we get some honest Sagittarius in the heavens? Nope, it’s about to go retrograde (aghhh!! More about Jupiter retrograde below btw). How about some scary Scorpio to come in and clean out all of the unnecessary? Just wait for this crazy Pink Full Moon on April 19th! We should start feeling those affects on the 14th and through the 24th.

A little more about the weird energy starting out the month:

Saturn and Pluto are hanging out in Capricorn (the death sign…and death planets) not to scare anyone. Saturn rules Capricorn so generally Saturn has lasting affects if anything good comes out of what it touches…but right now I’m in this dark mindset and have been studying the charts heavily of ill-fated celebrities. Saturn and Pluto placements can be great significators of shady dealings. Depending on how they are placed in the natal chart of course. I was reading, however, that natal charts actually have potential for 4-8 death scenarios for each person. Sorry to scare anyone. This is where I’m at right now so if you don’t want to know when you’re going to die…stop reading. Anyway our natal charts are based on destiny whereas out actual lives are based on free will. The choices that we make do have an effect on what the stars predicted on the day that we were born.

Side note on shady planetary aspects: What I’ve noticed is that it’s not good to have these slow movers and malefics largely in reverse in your natal chart. You could also use to avoid slow movers and malefics (or poorly positioned planets) in low degrees (such as 0 degrees especially, or 1-5ish). When the rest of the zodiac then hits a low degree or goes reverse your whole world can go haywire. I’m just thinking of the darkness and pain and looking for a way out.

April 19, 19 the moon will move into Scorpio. This has an opposition with Mercury (Aries), Chiron (Aries) and Uranus (Taurus) at low degrees, and the Sun at a high degree (Aries). Capricorn will still hold heavy Saturn and Pluto opposite the North Node in Cancer. Jupiter, my only saving grace (gifts and good luck in its home sign), will still be in Sagittarius but IN RETROGRADE. This chart is feeling deadly to me, not gonna lie. So Jupitor retrograde will be opposing the North Node in Cancer. There are also all kinds of connections going on across the board between all of these new aspects and Venus and Neptune still in Pisces and Mars still in Gemini. It looks like an Anarchy symbol and that’s about what I expected, with the moon at the head, until I looked at the actual Full Moon Chart closer.

April 19 will be the Pink Full Moon.

Sounds pretty. This is going to heighten the affects of all of the aspects being made so it depends on what’s in your natal chart as worlds collide on this insane day. If it were a person, and I were reading her birth chart, here is what I would predict about April 19, 2019 moving backward through the houses. These are general readings. We all have aspects of each sign and planet in our charts. Pay attention to your Sun, Moon, Venus and Ascendant especially. You will be more affected by activity in these signs.

Pink Full Moon in Scorpio – April 2019 aspects

Pisces Horoscope April 2019

12th house in ruling Pisces: Neptune right before Venus at high degree of Pisces. Hidden affairs or love and lavish lifestyles being revealed to be built on false ideals. Harmony of Neptune in its own sign, also ruler of 12th house. This says to me that there may be some sort of comfort in either keeping things hidden or synthesizing anything that comes to light…in the dark. Since 12th house rules night time and the dream world you could have epiphanies through your dreams. Pay attention to these.

Neptune moved into home sign Pisces in 2011 and will stay there until 2025. Neptune transits for 165 years before returning to a sign. We will not see Neptune in Pisces again in our lifetime. An interesting time in history of note was when Neptune was in Pisces in 1522 for 13 years. At that time King Henry VIII single handedly changed marital laws to suit his own desires for succession. In a quest for a male heir he dissolved his marriage to Catherine of Aragon and married Anne Boleyn, who he’d been lusting after. I think that it’s fascinating to consider the love children of King Henry VIII and the Neptune in Pisces stay of the 1500s: Mary Tudor (by 1st wife Catherine of Aragon) and Queen Elisabeth I of England (by Anne Boleyn). Neptune is a beguiling feminine planet. Her true motivations may be hidden by carefully executed movements that bewilder all of the other signs. Pisces is this feminine opportunist. Pisces is the old soul. The last of the zodiac.

In 2011, when Neptune moved into Pisces, there were some pretty major domestic events in regard to political closure. The Iraq War ended and Osama Bin Laden was killed. War and terrorism are both very masculine and fiery. Also in 2011 the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy was repealed by President Barack Obama. Neptune being home in Pisces is about bringing to light those things that maybe have been cloudy before. It’s about blurring lines. It’s also about masculine leaders pulling the wool over our eyes to push their own agendas. I’m not sure that the 2020 election will produce a female Presidential Candidate. I think that there is a strong possibility that Trump will be re-elected based on the history of slow moving planets being positioned similar to where they sit now. I think that there will then be a reactionary shift in the global political arena toward matriarchal rule between 2024 and 2026. Right now women are digging in their feet and rolling up their sleeves.

Another interesting note is that the Salem Witch Trials occurred during a Neptune in Pisces transit. This is why I find it interesting that Trump continually refers to the media’s “witch hunt.” There could be something to that. The media burning people at the stake is something that could ease up a bit. There is this list of America’s Most Wanted who get slaughtered over and over. Our biggest concern right now should be deciphering who truly has the freedom of our citizens in mind. Our social media platforms are pushing agendas and filtering our communication with one another. This is a very dangerous thing if you look at what happens in countries where there is no Freedom of the Press. If we begin to feel that our news media truly is biased and embellishing or omitting actual events we will be in a position where we receive no information about our status as a free nation.

Aquarius Horoscope April 2019

11th house in ruling Aquarius: Groups and communities will have an ear to the wind. Keep an eye on what is happening this month because it will foreshadow the near future in regard to groups and communities. Anything happening in the 10th house right now may have affects on Aquarius in the coming months. I notice that more people are working from home. Online communities are more airy with a vibe of the late 60s mentality. Veganism is big and may be helpful for Aquarians needing a detox. Binurial beats are becoming more popular for specific healing and meditation. The collective frequency is going up. Kundalini awakenings will become more common with likely misunderstanding. People are also breaking free of their cubicles and wanting a way of life that is good for the soul. This will conflict with older generations school of thought about grinding 9-5 and saving for retirement.

Aquarius ruler Uranus will be in Taurus for the next 7 years. The effects are being felt this month in full effect since Uranus is just transitioning from Aries to Taurus. Taurus is more feminine and less war like. An example of the new energy is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez taking the House of Representatives by storm. Her public persona shows what this Pink Full Moon chart represents.

The old-school male ideas of tenure are being seen under a new light which makes them seem ridiculous. An outwardly attractive woman is speaking in a more poised and educated manner than her seniors (literally). What she says makes sense. She’s engaged in expressing her views toward a green future. I think that this full moon may be a great time for the right to put together some more progressive ways of discussing the Green New Deal instead of just saying that you can’t throw all of the cars away. Elaborate on it. The original New Deal was in 1933 after the Great Depression. This was the last time that Uranus was in Taurus. What happened next was World War II and the rise of fascism. I think that any politicians who come forth with a less rigid or black and white idea in the political sphere for technology and progress will be well received. Because Uranus brings unexpected events it could be a roller coaster of great things and terrible things flying at us in the next 7 years. We need to be flexible and find politicians who are able to adapt to changes on a domestic, as well as a global sphere.

(See the Taurus reading for more on Uranus. This will be significant for Aquarians since it is your ruling planet!)

Capricorn Horoscope April 2019

10th house in ruling Capricorn: Career and karma at home in Capricorn with ruler Saturn there conjunct Pluto. Heavy things regarding career, also aspecting North node (your greater calling in life). This makes me think that some will discover that their calling is the more difficult path of choice. Perhaps a creative calling or anything regarding emotions as the North Node is opposing in Cancer. Cancer is the moon’s home. It’s related to the mother as well. With the full moon there is a lot of female energy going on with the career sector. This could signal to me a decision to spend more time home or with the family instead of at work. This could lead to a greater sense of fulfillment and possibly even keep the pay rate steady. Life is about balance. I just think about the commute time and cost alone. Plus the getting ready time, work clothes, angst of office life, lunches at Bossa Nova, all this stuff is expensive. Even a little pay cut could be penny foolish yet pound wise. What happens in the 10th house is seen in the 11th house later. Right now the 11th house is hanging out with Aquarian energy and not much going on. These tough choices in the career sector that you are making now will pay off huge in the future. Your decisions and gains will be long lasting and fruitful in your relationships and general acceptance by others. With Pluto here as well I think that tensions that you’ve been bombarded with as the elephant in the room lately will finally become decisions. Something needs to end for you to have a new start. Don’t overthink this! If there’s nothing that comes to mind related to career or prestige then the 10th house may not be activated for you right now.

The Plutonian energy for Capricorn started in 2008. When Pluto arrives in a zodiac sign it stays much longer than planets closer to the sun. Pluto is dark and mysterious. Pluto is the ruler of the underworld. It’s possible that something changed about your life in a major way in 2008. Since Pluto is Scorpio’s ruler, the pink full moon on the 19th may highlight for you what exactly Pluto is up to regarding your life journey. The last time that Pluto was in Capricorn was in 1776. That’s when the United States became a country. Our political decisions in 2020 are going to either solidify the United States as having stood the test of time or push us into a more modern version. Whoever takes office in 2020 will implement policy between 2020 and 2024 that will make or break the United States as a world power.

Sagittarius Horoscope April 2019

9th house in ruling Sag: Jupiter reverse in Sagittarius. Reversals heighten the energy of a planet while also causing confusion at times. Luckily Sag rules the 9th house. There is some harmony with that. There may be some dogmas that come into play regarding philosophy. Perhaps your political views are changing. In a public sphere we may be noticing a new spice to political affairs. This is also related to worldly affairs and travel. Jupiter is the giver of gifts and good luck in reverse in its ruling sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is all about freedom. So maybe your luck is rooted in the home. This is harmoniously opposing the North Node in Cancer. Think about sticking close to home right now. The retrograde goes through August. I would not venture too far out from your norm right now. Enjoy the fruits of your past labor but don’t expect anything fabulous to fall at your feet right now with the retrograde. Maybe spend the summer learning. Study philosophy, religion and other cultures. Learn about the East. I’m learning a lot about Vedic Astrology readings right now and Tarot. I’m not hopping a flight to India right now though. Even though it would be cool to learn from the source, we’re in a global economy and with technology the way it is we have access to more information than ever, in the safety of our own homes.

Scorpio Horoscope April 2019

8th house in ruling Scorpio: Pink Full Moon in Scorpio, 8th house ruling planet. The 8th house is sudden death and endings. 5 days before and 5 days after the full moon there is going to be the most light shed on this house. Full moons bring the tides up. If you think about our bodies, we are 80% water. When a full moon occurs it literally raises the tide within us, heightening our disposition, good or bad. Our emotions and intuition are heightened. Our temperaments enhanced. This is a highly wet and feminine full moon. I can see figurative death in social mores (as I discuss more below). The old views of women are dying. I can also see actual physical death happening. High water level and spill-off. Drowning emotionally or actually. Scorpio drains the swamp. All the water comes out and the garbage at the bottom is revealed. This is cleaned out and the water returns fresh with new life. Maybe dry up some of these fishes that got out of control with rampant Pisces in April. All of the nonsense and heavy, intense vibes, all of the shady dealings brought to light, will spill over at this full moon. Goodbye to anything unnecessary!

Libra Horoscope April 2019

7th house ruling Libra: Married life and long-term partnerships are balanced. People are finding what truly contributes to a healthy long-term partnership and are choosing this over old destructive patterns. Harmony between the masculine and feminine. Past separations may come to a settlement now. Both parties will be able to agree and move on their new paths.

Libra’s ruler, Venus, is hanging out in the 12th house (Pisces) right now. Pisces ruling planet is Neptune, which also is in Pisces. The symbiosis of Venus and Neptune energies mean to me that Libra will be experiencing the makings of a long-term relationship, possibly with a sensitive partner. Whoever you are dealing with right now is in it for the long haul, whether you like it or not. You may be torn concerning certain aspects of this person as the proverbial “total package.” Weigh things out since you are Libra, and Libra is all about balance. Do a cost-benefit analysis of the relationship. Write down the person’s best attributes and worst attributes. Compare these to your non-negotiables in relationships. What’s most important to you? Does your partner fit the bill? Can they be trained? These are important things to consider. Are you wasting time that you could happen upon your twin flame? The romance of a lifetime. I think that your age and level of experience can be big considerations. If you’re not looking to settle down and start a family, you may be most concerned with satisfying companionship. If you’re dealing with a place-filler person who doesn’t really inspire you then it may be time to move on. If you’re sick of the highs and lows of the 5th house dating sphere, however, this may be a gamble. Really think about your long-term partner option. When they go to sleep before you do you miss them? When they’re not with you do you miss them? If the answer is no MOVE ON. Sometimes we don’t realize that someone does mean a lot to us until it’s too late. Don’t take someone for granted if you may regret it. Imagine that they spontaneously break it off with you tomorrow. They say that they have had a total eclipse of the heart and cannot endure one more second as your doormat. Are you relieved in this scenario? Are you sad? Is it their neediness that annoys you? See what you can work on if your relationship has hit a plateau. It’s a jungle out there. Don’t take your life for granted!

Virgo Horoscope April 2019

6th house ruling Virgo: Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, is the planet of communication and is hanging out in the early degrees of Aries. On the night of the Pink Full Moon in Scorpio, Saturn will be at 20 degrees where it is debilitated and next to Pluto. The South Node is conjunct them as well. Since your ruling planet, Mercury, is in Aries right now, I would avoid activating Saturn in any way. Virgo is a very organized sign. Avoid working on Saturday as it activates Saturn. That will pull up any karma that you haven’t dealt with. With Pluto sitting there I would avoid bringing up karma right now. Both Saturn and Pluto are going retrograde right after the full moon (24th and 25th). Pluto rules Scorpio, so the full moon itself will likely activate this area of the chart.

Virgo rules the 6th house which is work, health and pets. Consistency and stability in your work life will be felt now if you have been organized. Pets will be a joy if they have had a consistent routine. A new pet could bring a new vibrancy to your home. Adopting a puppy or kitten could give your household a new energy that will make everyone happy. Happiness is health. If you have adopted a rescue you may feel a new sense of purpose right now. When we bond with the forgotten we are able to heal the parts of ourselves that have been forgotten. The solution to loneliness is bringing companionship to someone else. All of the good karma that you’ve built working with the rescue will be your reward right now. Things might all of a sudden stabilize.

The full moon is all about karma in the areas where Virgo excels. Virgos are always preoccupied with helping everyone else along. They are wonderful spouses and parents. They are great coworkers. Virgos pay their dues everyday and right now is a time for your bigger struggles to clear. I think that the Pluto and Saturn retrogrades will all of a sudden bring Virgo some recognition for all of the sweet things that they do.

Leo Horoscope April 2019

5th house ruling Leo: The lion is roaring in his favorite place! Romantic relationships (the short term ones…sorry) will be fiery. I always look where Leo’s ruler the Sun is hanging out to get an idea for what the greater themes are that Leo is experiencing. You will be feeling good and looking good. Right now there is harmony for those who embrace balance. The full moon is opposite of the sun, as all full moons are. This duality between masculine and feminine is enhanced by the Sun being in fiery, masculine Aries and the Moon being in watery, feminine Scorpio. Pay attention to where Leo falls in your chart (for example, Venus in Leo) or what planets fall in your 5th house (the house of popularity/ruled by Leo and harmoniously positioned in Leo at present). These may be activated meaning they will play a part in your dating life and social interactions. Keep in mind there is A LOT of water going on right now. Since Leo is a fire sign the dating life might drown out a little with the full moon polarity. There can be aggravation if you have been dealing with more watery, feminine signs. Sun in Aries activates Mars.

For cross-watchers: Look at male friendships or lovers (depending on your proclivity) that you have right now. You may notice more polarity in your viewpoints with men if you are a feminine or watery energy (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio).

Hint for Leo: Balanced individuals will remain harmonious. Think of Kurt Cobain. He was Pisces. Pisces is really watery but he was born male. His look was balanced. He wasn’t androgynous but he had longer hair and a small build. He was soft spoken. He was philosophical and progressive. This is how you should behave right now to retain popularity. The Scorpio full moon would be a really bad time to rub any women the wrong way. The energy that comes back would be swift like the sting of a Scorpion. Unexpected and deadly.

Cancer Horoscope April 2019

4th house ruling Cancer: The North Node is here right now and Cancer’s ruling celestial body is a full moon in fellow water sign Scorpio. Emotions, intuition, and feminine energy are all being lit up by the moon in a positive way. Cancer’s gift this month is shedding light on the truth. There are likely to be some brass communicators around you who will benefit from your assistance in helping them to see other viewpoints or by your simply being patient with them. With the polarity between masculine and feminine energies right now there can be a clash of the titans should you put on your monster face. You will win the battle but it could cost you the war in the future. When in doubt, silence is golden right now. Others will be able to decipher things about others that may have been hidden before.

Gemini Horoscope April 2019

3rd house in ruling Gemini: Gemini, the grand communicator is harmonious in 3rd house with potential difficulty from stage stealing Mars. Two words – Donald Trump. Donald Trump is an example of a grand communicator who likes the spotlight. Faint aspect here to Neptune in 12th house Pisces and back to North Node in Cancer. Mars is an outlier this month otherwise while a lot of other stuff is going on, Mars is hanging out in Gemini speaking one way while potentially hiding true motivations beneath the fiery exterior. Gemini is a mutable sign and can roll with any punches so keep an eye out for those who are very forceful and vocal this month. These people might actually be sheep in wolves clothing and have more beneficial goals in mind. They could also just be wolves, as Gemini tends to be liberal in slamming everyone. They spread rumors and make up lies. With Mars there I think of a war of words. Sometimes it’s good to go in like the lion and possibly out like a lamb. This is a way to earn respect without being a pushover. Playing to all sides you hear what’s going on with everyone and you can spin it however you want later. Be nice! Stay under the radar right now if you have strong views regarding sexuality or masculine vs feminine roles. If you are extremely masculine and fiery you could learn A LOT by considering other viewpoints right now. These could prove to be your ace cards in hands that you’re dealt in the future. Being balanced and appealing to all people is a weapon. Warrior Mars and the flashy Sun will feel this right now. You could cause damage by showing off too much right now. Strengths that people may not have noticed before could be highlighted now. You don’t have to over-act.

The strong communicators this month are pushing agendas. With Uranus in Taurus we need to be sure that we don’t end up with another Adolf Hitler, Chairman Mao or Joseph Stalin. Otherwise keep an eye out for unexpected world domination in the next 7 years. Consider yourself warned.

Taurus Horoscope April 2019

2nd house in ruling Taurus: Uranus at 2 degrees in Taurus (ruler of 2nd house) aspecting the full moon. This is more indication that home is where the heart is. Taurus is about lavish life in the home sphere while Uranus is about technology. The second house is earned money. This complicated placement could mean unexpected things happen or that things regarding technology change somewhat. The last 7 years we’ve been dealing with Aries, the baby of the zodiac, having Uranus present. It was all about ME. Look at ME! We saw selfies proliferate, as well as Instagram. Front facing cameras are now the norm. What I noticed as Uranus started to transition out of Aries is that my personal safety felt compromised with geo maps of all of my online activity. I got rid of my cell phone and social media. I’m sure that I’ll dabble with them again but I’m using more concrete things like writing blogs and recording Podcasts. I want to make money. I want my online presence to exist, but I want it to work for ME. I don’t want to make these social media sites money with people looking through all of my private stuff. I want nicer stuff now. I want the 16 lens camera. I want better quality. People are going to be more sensual now with Uranus in Taurus when it comes to technology. People watch videos of other people eating food now. It’s voyeuristic. We are involved in each-others lives to the extent that Instagram Live has people commenting questions while you are posting your food videos. We have Gen Z coming into adulthood in the next 7 years with the Uranus in Taurus cycle. Gen Z are the ultimate multitaskers. I see people working from home more with better technology while exploring their own online presence or business simultaneously. I see entertainment from peers becoming more of a norm. Instead of watching TV we now watch each other. While the sun is still in Aries in April you should capitalize on Taurus being in the second house of earned money. Buy some new gear and figure out how to live the good life with all of the money that you make.

Aries Horoscope April 2019

1st house in ruling Aries: Sun is exulted in a high, critical degree (29) of Aries while opposite the full moon and conjunct Chiron and Mercury. Scorpio is going to kill anything not necessary. Know this. This is pretty much another Halloween in my opinion, with a Full Pink Moon in Scorpio. It’s the end of Aries for the Sun (masculine, fire) and the start of the Moon in Scorpio (feminine, water). This is a heavy vibe of man vs woman. The patriarchy giving way, not to a matriarchy, but to a new view of women.

Your secret weapon this month, and especially in the 10 days surrounding the Pink Full Moon in Scorpio April 19th, relies on your ability to integrate Yin and Yang energies. Feminine and Masculine energies need to balance within the individual. Think carefully before expressing yourself. Your job is to be the suave communicator in any group situation. Mercury and Neptune are insisting right now that communication be nice to keep your ship afloat. You are in deep, dark, unknown waters right now. As my Grandmother Marcella would say, “Be nice, be nice, be nice!” Try it.

Mercury and Mars are heavily tied together right now. Mercury is in Aries, a sign Mars rules. Mars is in Gemini, a sign Mercury rules. This is a strong unity between air and fire. Your ability to avoid having your fire put out by all of the water energy is by utilizing the air quality of communication. Savvy communicating right now will pull your flame up into more oxygen and keep it burning. If you feel the water energy is unavoidable, like a campfire on a rainy night, you want to rely on other elements within your chart as your strengths. When in doubt seek cover. Your success depends on your ability to keep your cool and be diplomatic in all situations. Take the higher road! Don’t sink to the levels of low vibrational people. Evil people are willing to go to lengths that you wouldn’t consider. They always self destruct in time. Don’t commit any knee-jerk reactions right now. Just know that you are the warrior and your time will come. Lay low til the water dries up.