Astrological Science: Explaining the quintessential planes concerning Babylonian, Classical, Biblical and Scientific observations.

It is possible that the spiritual plane and the physical plane could coexist in the exact same space. The same as a democrat’s world sits on top of a republican’s world yet they look completely different. They are perceptual realities. In my study of astrology, which started from astronomy and cartography as I’m learning reading Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, I notice that there are multiple planes. This would be 4D and 5D realities (and more). Where 4D and 5D are imperceivable dimensions to us, they explain animal aptitude for things like perceptually knowing when we will be arriving home with bizarre accuracy. Animals are able to communicate without speech. This extrasensory perception is something that humans are able to acquire and what the Age of Aquarius was/is all about.

The 4D and 5D worlds intersect and are layered. They surround systems. Like a halo is represented around the head of Christ or an aura surrounds the body of a person in Eastern Religions, spheres surround our planet and radiate out. These dimensions include light and sound. This is why we see plastic surgery using lasers (focused wavelengths of light), ultrasound (inaudible sound frequencies), and radio frequency (electromagnetic rays). These technologies operate on those planes that we somehow forget, or fail to consider in scientific study. People who study ancient philosophy (present day) can miss the boat in neglecting the scientific 3D plane of existence, even though it should be the inspiration for their continued study. It’s difficult for someone to comprehend both the scientific model of the universe, the empirical models of the world, and the also incorporate theology because they all traditionally debunk each other. Any scientist who is familiar with light assistance in a targeted way or the use of sound to bypass specific physical planes, would 100% understand a plane of existence where “the firmament” is real. It’s just the fixed stars in astronomy. These tend to be really far away and difficult to perceive. Ptolemy was discovering and writing at the time the bible was created and had an understanding of changeable aspects of the heavens and those systems which do not move. His systems are explained in the literature produced by all major religions. Interestingly, you would think that you would base a solar system on those items which in essence are controls as they are unchangeable. Not on anything that spins on an axis or rotates around other things. That reminds me of the chaos of quantum physics.

Spirituality is the scientific method in action. What is perceived through time allows us to predict future occurrences and is no more mystical than a Farmer’s Almanac. The same way a Farmer’s Almanac uses the sun to predict what happens with each season, and a naval captain knows not to sail at a full moon, an astrologer uses planets, stars, and star systems to predict related experiences (depending on the historical nature of the celestial entity). Think about the experiment in the 1950s where a “normal” housewife was subjected to a bunch of tests to confirm her emotional and mental stability, then asked to drop acid while being videotaped. Listen to what she describes (video below). She’s simply perceiving a dimension that we don’t normally have access to. The scientific method is about proving hypotheses through tests and coming up with theories based on empirical evidence. That’s exactly what astrology does. Whether every astrologer is a competent scientist is another matter.

The reason for this blog is that I see people interested in ancient astrological models stumble over scientific evidence to the contrary. What they fail to understand is that it’s possible that evidence gathered since the beginning of written time may have an impact on our current social systems. Neglecting this knowledge because of a lack of communication would be a shame! It’s fascinating. The library at Alexandria had to have been fantastic. Not everything has to have this rivalrous duality.

East of Eden – The rise of Vedic Astrology – Podcast

Vedic Astrologer

Update: This Podcast was recorded when I was working at the TransAmerica Data Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this winter. Thought I’d explain what it’s about since it’s listed under Astrology. There’s a lot more than that going on… It’s interesting to me looking back now because at the time this Podcast was recorded I had NO intent to ever move back to Las Vegas. This day I was scraping ice off of my car and started considering why I left Iowa in the first place, so many years ago. I think that the considerations that I’m discussing propelled me into a better reality. Talking things out really does help! The beauty of a Podcast is your conjecturing might be helping others out too. We don’t always have people directly around us who are at the same frequency or who have the same frame of reference. I think that our frequencies shift often.

I have now realized that my resume is worth a lot more in a casino vs. in a data center on a community college campus. My livelihood is worth a lot more too. Being broke and bored doesn’t help anyone. I tried for three years straight to find my place in Iowa. I even tried to create a place. To somehow segment a group of friends, family meetups, and fun things to do. It just didn’t happen. Hopefully living my own best life can energetically bring more happiness to everyone I know. We only bring others down when we ourselves are miserable. You can’t be supportive in that mindset.

That said, I hope this Podcast can bring people up since it’s pretty entertaining. I have new world views on things since I absolutely have been not only guided spiritually, but actually carried by some force that is greater than myself. And this would be multiple times. Near death experiences, magic, time slowing down, hopping tracks, spells, potions, eternal life, and of course miracles.

Topics in this Podcast include: Warming things up before you take off, what makes reality stars fun to watch, the North Pole shift over the last few decades likely affected climate change, 5D reality could destroy the sun if creeps learn about it, a response to Kanye West’s TMZ rant, why nightclubs are the best, why YouTube is confusing, red vs blue 3D culture, and discussions of the Polar Vortex in the midwest that was happening at the time. Enjoy!

Venus Retrograde 2018 Guide – Friends, career, home and food.

Venus Retrograde Fall 2018 – Starts September 3 with effects being felt through the end of 2018

Venus (my favorite planet) is in retrograde for the rest of the year. While I could do something drastic, I am choosing this time to outsmart it and to look at the situation with the ice cream container half full.

Venus is the planet of beauty and love. When it’s in retrograde everyone looks like crap. Instead of changing your look or starting a new fitness program, try doing the things that you never let yourself do when you have control over your life!

Venus retrograde – Anyone want pizza?

Hate working out? Good. Sit on the couch right now and let your body go back to baseline. Everyone needs a reset at some point just like a computer. That’s what cheat days are about. That’s what you do when you plateau in a workout regimen. You completely change everything up or take time off. A step backward can give you momentum into moving forward further than you’ve ever gone before. It’s like a slingshot. In physics, inertia is a phenomenon where you change nothing so nothing changes. If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got. The slinghot scenario is pulling back, such in this case as pulling back on the self control when it comes to overly strict appearance standards, so you can be propelled into maximum velocity in your movement toward your target. Balance is the key to life so you want to hit the ground running when Venus is solidly heading direct again in January. This is the perfect time too since it’s winter and no one cares about your looks that much right now anyway. Get some sweaters and focus on things that are more internal and/or concrete.

Oh, hi. I’m really skinny under the sweater. You saw me last month. I was skinny. How could I be fat already? No one can eat 9,000 calories a day! (Jessica Simpson – Queen of the bait and switch).

I’ve noticed in my personal life, as I look back, that I make huge progress during Venus retrogrades. The last Venus retrograde was in Spring of 2017. You can think back to what was going on during this time. I started a business.

Collar Me Bad Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

The last Venus retrograde in Scorpio (just like that one that we’re in) was in 2010. Do you remember what was going on in the fall of 2010? Chances are it was a time of growing pains but looking back you may have conquered new territory both figuratively and possibly realistically.

Through the course of one lifetime, Venus only retrogrades in five signs:
Gemini – May/June 2004 + May/June 2012
Capricorn/early Aquarius – December 2005/January 2006 + December 2013/January 2014
Leo/early Virgo –July to September 2007 + July to September 2015
Aries – March/April 2009 + March/April 2017
Late Libra/Scorpio – October/November 2010 +  October/November 2018 (

Looking at this chart I had major breakups, meltdowns, moves and career transitions during most of these times.

I’m going to use my move to Los Angeles as an example of how the last Venus in Scorpio worked for me.

I moved to Hollywood in the fall of 2010 and started working at a sound studio. I wasn’t making enough to own a car and my whole life had fallen apart in the year before. I broke up with the love of my life and also transitioned from Las Vegas where I was making huge money to making $12 an hour with no love and looking HORRIBLE. Right after this time, however, I had the time of my life. I met my best girlfriends as an adult during this time as we all struggled in Hollywood.

At the Los Angeles Museum of Art with Amanda having fun early 2011

Girls trip to San Diego August 2010 – Meagan (, Liz, Kristin and Me (of course and slightly unfortunately)

New Years 2010/2011 working for Dealer Dolls at a party in Santa Monica

Netflix and chill Friday nights at Amanda and Thayer’s – Fall 2010

Having fun in Los Angeles with friends Fall 2010 and Spring 2011

I became vegan and stopped drinking.

Feeling good eating vegan and not drinking.

I looked and felt great. I wasn’t driven by jealousy or anger because of my lifestyle. The most wretched fall lead to a much better lifestyle.

A nice vegan staple sample at Whole Foods – July 2011

Wow did I look forward to that vegan latte everyday! Those espresso pods give me a buzz!

Not to get ahead of myself too much, I’m eating a tub of ice cream right now. Venus retrograde is about relishing in your ugliness and doing things that make yourself uglier…because there’s no stopping it. Your plan is to dig yourself out of the ugly hole in January and by summer to be on track with a healthy lifestyle. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Going for walks in the hills during my happy/healthy 2011


The most important thing that you’ll ever learn

Every single thing in YOUR life can be planned out in your progression from your South Node (where you start)

Me at age 5 – Ready to venture out into the world to make my mark.

to your North Node (where you are meant to end up).

Is this the end of the road?

The more you fight this change the more difficult your life will be. Your path in this life is defined by your predisposition to LEARN what makes you the opposite of what you are.

What am I?

For me I am a Capricorn South Node. So I do well in social situations. I am a natural leader.

Come on guys, it’s 6 a.m. let’s do brunch!

My North Node is Cancer which governs domestic life. In the domestic sphere I’ve always been a mess. Literally.

Who wants a haircut?

In high school I never wanted to be home. I would join every sport and work jobs. I took early bird PE and woke up even before this to go to the gym to workout. I was up each morning at 4:45 a.m.

Is it time to workout again?

I absolutely could not STAND being home. It was just a stagnant place to me. I didn’t see any growth happening there. I wanted to build so I went out into the world and did that. I learned and I did things.

I should meet more friends like me!

I couldn’t bear standing still. It drove me insane. Now I realize that my life path is learning to stand still. Learning to get my house in order.

Learning to be alone.

So this is what I’m concentrating on. The universe was teaching me lesson after lesson to gear me on path to STOP looking outside and to START looking inside.

Working at the Playboy Club was rough.

So that’s where I’m at now. Working on developing the cancer side. Find out what your South and North nodes are here:

Start learning about each. It will really shed light on many of the battles you’ve fought throughout your life so far. There will be less resistance as you move toward the North Node pre-destination.

The most important thing that you’ll ever learn…

is your own purpose.

What kind of karma are we working with here? Akashic Records RESET

This is great! I am learning so much from the YouTube videos of Josie Grouse. A lot of the things that I’ve discovered on my own over the years I now understand on a deeper level and also feel more in control of these energies after studying her videos so that’s a really good thing for me. For a long time I have felt lost in this world and I’m trying to find my place. It’s difficult being an empath because going out in society is overwhelming. I absorb all of the energy around me and it’s confusing! Nobody seems to know what they want or need. People are not centered and it’s bizarre to me because I feel so confident in this area.

So what is an akashic record as she discusses in the video above?

An akashic record is EVERYTHING you’ve done and also everything that everyone else has done. It’s the push-pull record of the world. The video above is about the experiences that we own that have a bad vibe. If we take these experiences and rebrand them we can change the related karma. An example would be my Facebook. It had such a negative vibe. I couldn’t even stand logging into that site. Yet I own those experiences and they were good experiences. It’s just the creepy Facebook cult that judges them at face value not knowing any of the back story and applying their own biases for understanding. I decided to take ownership back of MY life, and my media. So I’m rebranding here with the real story. With a light story. With the story of my future. When an experience has a negative feeling we can cancel out any related bad karma by making amends on the issue.

The main image for this blog is of me and a girl that I was friends with. She started hooking up with my boyfriend behind my back and it turned into a complete disaster for a whole lot of people. For everyone to fix the karma in this case we would all go on to make better decisions in our future lives. I used to look at this picture and cringe but then I think that she was completely broke at the time and apparently envied my life to the extent that she wanted it for herself. I guess I should be flattered? I just think no one knew what was going on because we were all in our 20s and living in a city where people sell their souls for fame and fortune. What can you expect?

I have noticed that a lot of people do seemingly horrible things yet seem to have all the luck. You have to look at this from a balance perspective. Many people who have established great wealth and power do everything on a grander scale. They have to defeat enemies and secure their fort all day everyday. It’s nonstop. These people also empoly a lot of people, pay taxes that benefit so many, contribute to charity, and often take care of their entire extended families. That is a LOT of good karma. So we have to look at everything from a standpoint of balance. If you have some bad karma built up, make a pact with the universe. If you broke someone’s heart say to the universe, “I am so sorry Universe. I feel deep regret for breaking someone’s heart so I intend to be careful with hearts in the future to restore love to this world. I will not use people and I will do my best to make sure that my actions benefit my own life but also benefit the lives of everyone around me. I will try to get beyond simple desires of the flesh to discover the vast pain that resides within individual souls and do my best to heal what is broken to make the karmic path simpler for everyone on their way back to the unified soul. This will help me when I too return.”

Add some love stories to your akashic library! Maybe throw out some tragedies that you haven’t finished yet.