What kind of karma are we working with here? Akashic Records RESET

This is great! I am learning so much from the YouTube videos of Josie Grouse. A lot of the things that I’ve discovered on my own over the years I now understand on a deeper level and also feel more in control of these energies after studying her videos so that’s a really good thing for me. For a long time I have felt lost in this world and I’m trying to find my place. It’s difficult being an empath because going out in society is overwhelming. I absorb all of the energy around me and it’s confusing! Nobody seems to know what they want or need. People are not centered and it’s bizarre to me because I feel so confident in this area.

So what is an akashic record as she discusses in the video above?

An akashic record is EVERYTHING you’ve done and also everything that everyone else has done. It’s the push-pull record of the world. The video above is about the experiences that we own that have a bad vibe. If we take these experiences and rebrand them we can change the related karma. An example would be my Facebook. It had such a negative vibe. I couldn’t even stand logging into that site. Yet I own those experiences and they were good experiences. It’s just the creepy Facebook cult that judges them at face value not knowing any of the back story and applying their own biases for understanding. I decided to take ownership back of MY life, and my media. So I’m rebranding here with the real story. With a light story. With the story of my future. When an experience has a negative feeling we can cancel out any related bad karma by making amends on the issue.

The main image for this blog is of me and a girl that I was friends with. She started hooking up with my boyfriend behind my back and it turned into a complete disaster for a whole lot of people. For everyone to fix the karma in this case we would all go on to make better decisions in our future lives. I used to look at this picture and cringe but then I think that she was completely broke at the time and apparently envied my life to the extent that she wanted it for herself. I guess I should be flattered? I just think no one knew what was going on because we were all in our 20s and living in a city where people sell their souls for fame and fortune. What can you expect?

I have noticed that a lot of people do seemingly horrible things yet seem to have all the luck. You have to look at this from a balance perspective. Many people who have established great wealth and power do everything on a grander scale. They have to defeat enemies and secure their fort all day everyday. It’s nonstop. These people also empoly a lot of people, pay taxes that benefit so many, contribute to charity, and often take care of their entire extended families. That is a LOT of good karma. So we have to look at everything from a standpoint of balance. If you have some bad karma built up, make a pact with the universe. If you broke someone’s heart say to the universe, “I am so sorry Universe. I feel deep regret for breaking someone’s heart so I intend to be careful with hearts in the future to restore love to this world. I will not use people and I will do my best to make sure that my actions benefit my own life but also benefit the lives of everyone around me. I will try to get beyond simple desires of the flesh to discover the vast pain that resides within individual souls and do my best to heal what is broken to make the karmic path simpler for everyone on their way back to the unified soul. This will help me when I too return.”

Add some love stories to your akashic library! Maybe throw out some tragedies that you haven’t finished yet.