25 Random Questions

Things I find magical at this point: Myself

Goals: Outsmart Venus Retrograde

Favorite food: Sushi

What I’m looking at right now: Hempz lotion

What made me sad: My orchids dying

What made me happy: Presents

Candy or booze?: Alternate

Least favorite person: You know who you are

Least favorite holiday: Hint…it’s this month

Favorite contraption: The computer mouse

Favorite car: Mercedes or Tesla

Best feature: Brain when it’s not sad

Worst feature: Shrek feet

Dream: Happy family with a white picket fence (not literally, I’d get a 10ft privacy wall)

Best symphony: Henry Mancini movie themes (doesn’t exactly count)

Favorite composer: Franz Schubert

Favorite kind of dog: German Shepherd

My next pet will be: Boy Shepherd, Hound Dog, Great Dane or Doberman…or horse

Why I love cats: They’re so smart

What makes me laugh: Netflix stand-up

Who is the most overrated talk show host: The mean one

Book everyone should own: Tao Te Ching

Favorite modern day philosopher: Osho

Favorite philosopher: Carl Jung (more of a scientist though)

Favorite person with a questionable political stance: Friedrich Neitzsche