Potato Diet Follow Up: Paleo re-enters my life when resistant starch diets don’t make the mark

The “diet hack” age brings old school structure and discipline back into the ring. Dieters need something they can trust and 7 days on the potato diet revealed to me a sad sack more than a savvy renegade.

I wanted to post a new blog, not just an update detailing that I did NOT lose ANY weight doing the “Potato Hack.” It really helped my digestive issues. I no longer have digestive issues. Anyone who had to take medication for a while might re-balance the gut with this simple diet. You can then re-introduce foods to see what the culprit is. This is the easiest way to find out if you have a food intolerance. Most people can’t take time off of work or leave their kids just to go find out if they have Crohn’s Disease. It’s almost a luxury. I know that pretty much every medication I’ve ever taken has messed up my gut biome. So just a quick note here that it doesn’t seem to me, after doing this diet for an entire week, that you lose any WEIGHT. I’m back on Paleo. I really want to be vegan but I’m not 22 anymore. Back when I could eat whatever I wanted, vegan worked for me. Right now I’ve been through a hell of a winter. I’ve put on weight from consistently spiked cortisol. So until everything is under control I’m doing the tried and true Paleo Diet. Usually when I’ve put in a solid 4 months on this diet I see major restructuring of my body. Here’s what you need to know about the Paleo Diet:

  1. Start out Keto the first 3 days (less than 20 carb grams per day). If that’s too complicated do a fast. You really need to start out in ketosis.
  2. Keep your carbs under 60 grams per day. 60 is actually a lot if all you eat is meat, egg whites, and veggies.
  3. Every 2-4 hours eat 2-4 oz of protein with roughage such as broccoli, mixed veggies, asparagus, or a greens salad with oil and vinegar.
  4. Drinking is not allowed…but everyone does it. If you drink don’t eat carbs that day. Just eat chicken breast or egg whites. Boil the eggs and then throw the yolks away or give them to your dogs. Your dogs will literally be obsessed with you after this diet.
  5. Don’t over-train. Get the diet down. Keep your activity level the same. If you’d been sedentary do long walks or 20 min of cardio/weight training 2 or 3x per week. Otherwise your body is going to store fat like never before PLUS you’ll be starving constantly. Our bodies can work against us, or they can work for us. The key is knowing that our bodies have our best interests at heart always. So be kind to them! If your body thinks that all of a sudden you’re building pyramids and being starved, it’s going to try to help you by saving you some fuel for later. And it will also let you know that, “Hey, we should eat just in case…”
  6. Results aren’t incremental. You might not lose ANY weight the first 3 weeks. It takes 21 days to form a new habit. The Paleo Diet is all about letting your body know that a lil bit of food is coming, but it’s for sure coming and it should be expected.
  7. Eventually you will feel no hunger…except maybe at night. I lost a ton of weight doing Paleo and I still got up in the middle of the night every single night and ate a banana with peanut butter shmeared all over it. If you really only eat meat, egg whites and veggies, you can eat a banana with peanut butter in your sleep and be at around 60 carbs.
  8. Flavoring food is pointless after a while. Who cares if your plain chicken has salt on it? Food isn’t about pleasure anymore when you do this diet after a while. It’s a pain in the ass. You think, “I have to eat AGAIN.” Salt is allowed, but why bother? It’s just keeping you back from your goals. The potassium from the nightly banana actually helps keep your electrolytes in check. So if you do eat salt the banana might help. Or you can have an avocado here and there. But boiling or baking everything with no added flavor (including salt and pepper) is what’s known as “eating clean.” This is what all body builders and beauty pageant contestants do before an event. Some people live their whole lives this way! Flavor stuff with a lemon. You’ll thank me one day.
  9. Don’t give up. It takes 4 months to really SEE a difference. There will be one day when you get up and look in the mirror and it all miraculously comes together. You LOOK amazing, no matter what the scale says. We’re restructuring our bodies and metabolisms here. Stop worrying about your weight. If you stick to the Paleo Diet for 4 months you will see results you’ve never experienced before. That is the TRUTH.

In the multitudes of times that I’ve done this diet, I DID fall off the wagon. I did eat an entire carton of Ben n Jerry’s and hate myself in the morning. I did go to Venice Beach and drink 12 margaritas cantina hopping on beach crusiers. I did take Xanax here and there to avoid banana nights.

If you fall off, get back on. Don’t ever beat yourself up. It’s often the times that we’re doing the most that we punish ourselves the most. You’re amazing! See this diet as a new habit. It’s putting structure into your life that we ALL need. There will be one thing EVERY DAY that you can count on. It’s that you have 6 meals (prepared ahead of time) that are making you better. You’re in control. Think about the power that comes from that.

Hopefully your appearance will be so far out of mind that the day that you realize that you’ve lost 20 lbs (anticipated weight loss in 4 months) you’ll be onto some other goal. You’ll probably be training for a competition of some sort or trying to perfect the upper back part of your shoulders. Who knows. The second that you stop fixating about anything the easier that it flows into your life.

Energy is like a lion. To tame it and truly have power over it you have to truly love and respect it. You have to speak kindly to it and respect its boundaries. Don’t be too demanding. Don’t have selfish goals in mind. If energy knows that you have the interests of empowerment, discipline, spectacle and pride in mind, it will work FOR you. You will be the master of the circus that is our universe. Happy New Moon by the way. Go be the greatest show on earth!