Harmony and Balance: The Aesthetic Appeal of Challenge

Beauty is pain. We’ve all heard this. And life is pain. The reason behind both is a simple philosophic calculation:

If Beauty = Pain

And Life = Pain

Then Beauty = Life

The pain behind beauty is learning discipline. When we are off balance you can see it. It reveals itself in the quality of our hair, in our body latching onto water and fat, and in the actual physical proportional manifestation of our features. When an individual is said to be crooked, they are off balance. Characters with noses that jut off to one side may play the villain in movies. Conversely it’s difficult for us to find evil in someone aesthetically lovely. If a person has kind eyes but they’re a little wily, we somehow forgive them much easier than someone who on the outside appears as if he or she has no self respect.

I notice that the more difficult my life becomes, and the more that I feel challenged on a minute-to-minute basis, the more my features coordinate into symmetry. I noticed this first when I did the lemon cleanse for three days in 2013. My face had become puffy and detoxing was an emotional roller coaster. There was also physical hunger. At the end of the fast I ate this organic farmer’s market salad and felt as if it were sacrilegious. It was so delicious! The pictures from this time, when I put myself together and got out there, were beautiful! We appreciate beauty in things that we work hard for.

Putting in effort despite any immediate payoff is also respected by others. When you put in hard work toward building your physique, home, or family there is a gigantic payoff when beauty emerges from it. Any creation of beauty through struggle results in an immense beauty that we could not have created without the struggle. That tension goes into the work, if it’s art. Tension in our faces or muscles keeps the skin taut. Less consumption makes you light. Discipline makes everything easier…by making it harder. There is a respect that comes from others when they see that what beauty you have in your life was CREATED by YOU!

We need to understand that we are here to learn. When your soul was a part of the unified spirit, you knew everything! You had no wants, no desires. Your job here is to have a human experience. You need to find out what your purpose is because nothing will fulfill you until that time in which it dawns on you what you are here to CREATE. Most of us find this calling and then it cannot be ignored or denied. No matter how much we try to do something else, once you ignite your soul purpose (north node will give insight to this) it becomes this monster of its own.

For me, my soul purpose involves creating. It involves art and it involves astrology. Through times when I had the least guidance I had to look within. Everything outside felt wrong. I knew that I didn’t belong fitting into a mold that caused disharmony in my soul. That’s when I took on a mission to find this tension in others. To make it feel at peace, even for a moment. No matter the discomfort involved, being inauthentic is no longer an option for me because it’s detrimental to people LIKE me! If I let myself bend toward a way of existence that does not fit my inherent gut vibe of balance, I will forever be medicated. I will forever be false.

Before I understood my sensitivity as a strength, I suffered in other people’s worlds. Now I know where my peace is. I know where I’m centered. And now I know what to play with when I need some adjusting. That’s the amazing thing about astrology. It’s a chart from the heavens that explains EXACTLY the energies going on at the moment so you can identify difficult aspects and instead of triggering those, strengthen the BENEFICIAL aspects!

Negative aspects in astrology are simply warnings. It’s like a warning from your body. If your upper back is hurting from tension, you likely need to strengthen your lower back and core. You need to support areas of tension by strengthening the integral whole. If I am prone to having a messy home, I ABSOLUTELY MUST have a clean home for my life to be structured. Look at wherever you struggle. Look at what you don’t want to do on a daily basis. This is what you NEED to do to be ready for the inevitable changes in the weather. In the back scenario, it could be that an injury is in your 6th house potential. When igniting your inner warrior, however, and hopping on a fitness plan that balances out your entire life you may hop tracks and end up on a harmonious path of health. Maybe the maladies that could have come to you will instead be maladies that you help others overcome.

Instead of dealing with daily anxiety in not knowing what your path will be, you can take action and became stronger. You create a routine. You meet people along the way. You may look amazing in a way that you never had before from all of the discipline. Gaining the respect of others leads to new opportunities. It opens doors. You will always find doors open when you choose the more difficult path. The easy path, the one where you get something for free, results in a bunch of hiccups that you didn’t expect. You have to take control of your destiny or it will take control of you. That doesn’t sound very fun!

Identify right now physical ailments. That’s your first big task because those ailments have gotten so out of hand that they’re showing up causing physical pain. Deal with these. Take a sick day if you need to. Do nothing and find deep within you what feels wrong. How is this exposing itself in disharmony in your body? Upper back pain could be from sitting all day in a chair in front of a light box. Overstimulated in certain ways but under-stimulated in others.

The lifestyle that we’re living is not conducive to inner and outer health. Everyone is medicated. If you’re not, you’re actually the exception. It was mind boggling when I learned this. If you get to know enough people pretty well, they’ll let you know that you’re not alone. We hide so much from each other and this prevents us from growing as a community. Companies that embrace wellness and incorporate a fun atmosphere, positive reinforcement, and opportunities for health and leisure are rewarded with a creative, motivated staff that works as a team.

Sometimes making a change is not an option, or doesn’t appear to be. A lot of times we get wound up into a tight spot that gives us no way out. Say you’re working 9-5 with a job that you need to support your family and keep your home. That’s a pretty common scenario. Then all of a sudden there’s a break. If you don’t take it the universe has a way of showing you that SOMETHING’s got to give! I used to sell gym memberships at an elite gym in West Hollywood. One of our selling points was to explain to people who object with, “I need to worry about my family first,” that they cannot support their family if they themselves are not whole. If your ship is sinking you have no way of pulling up others in the same scenario. When you take time for peace and make yourself look and feel great you’ll reward those around you by not meddling too much, and also by really listening to what they need. They will take cues from you and become whole themselves. It’s all about energy. Really learning to diffuse and re-direct energy.

In work scenarios, I notice that people get disharmoniously involved in the work atmosphere. If you’re at work and everyone’s going out as a group but you don’t enjoy being around them, politely excuse yourself. There’s only so much work you can deal with. Plus it’s best that your colleagues don’t know the inner workings of your soul and life anyway. Think of them as competitors. You didn’t see Conor McGregor hanging out bro-style with Floyd Mayweather before their fight. Work is all about competition. Anything you say can and will be used against you. Keep your game face on at work. Use your breaks to re-center. After work is all about YOU time. If you have to go home to an annoying family, I definitely would join a gym. I love the solitude of getting on the elliptical and listening to gangster rap about shooting people. It makes me not fantasize about it in real life.

Okay that escalated quickly. Back to zen and tranquility…

I just honestly got off center thinking about office life and trying to find balance in that scenario. To cool off I went and made coffee. I’m looking out over the trees at my AirBnb here in Costa Rica while I hear Adele playing somewhere within the canopy. It’s beautiful! The beauty is what we need more of. Put an orchid or peace lily on your desk and maybe a little fountain with rocks underneath the desk. Get a gigantic rose quartz and leave it out in the sun to cleanse and charge all weekend when you’re off then have it radiate loving energy to your heart all week at work. Drink Synergy Kombucha. Watch a Russell Brand YouTube video on break. Self-publish something amazing you did today. Something that you’re truly proud of. These things always help me when I can’t control a tense external situation.

No matter how zen your life is there’s always going to be tension. We are here to learn. When we stop learning there is always misery or a catalyst that leads to more learning. This is why we should always understand ourselves and the energy around us. This truly gives us the advantage in gracefully hopping to an anticipated landing spot. Don’t expect to land for long though. You’re going to be moving along your whole entire life unless you’re supporting others who are moving. Depending on how big of a masochist you are, your difficulty level was decided before you embarked on this journey! Isn’t that amazing? YOU chose to experience a difficult existence or an easy one. It’s really no different than playing a video game. Do you want a game that you can beat and then move on to the next game? Do you want a game that you can never beat but just keep learning the deeper intricacies and hacks? Or do you want to play Tetris? All day…everyday. Dink…dink…pshew pshew pshew.

Some of us chose games that can’t be beaten in this lifetime. Games that we want to inspire for any subsequent incarnations, or until there is no more game. Is this all in my head? Did I make this whole thing up and if so, are the other players simply bots in my game? I hate it when my allegories become literal. If it’s my game, and I know the difficulty level, then I’m pretty sure I’m ready for another go at elimination and creation. I have only a backpack with me going into my next level. The elimination portion is leaving behind any tools that will not serve me in this next level and the creation is of course about creating enough beauty around me to make the heightened skill level as enjoyable as possible while dealing with challenges I’ve never seen before. Like attracts like. If you want to see beauty you have to make yourself beautiful. If you want to make money you have to spend money. It’s not fair! I know…but I didn’t choose Tetris either.