East of Eden – The rise of Vedic Astrology – Podcast

Vedic Astrologer

Update: This Podcast was recorded when I was working at the TransAmerica Data Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this winter. Thought I’d explain what it’s about since it’s listed under Astrology. There’s a lot more than that going on… It’s interesting to me looking back now because at the time this Podcast was recorded I had NO intent to ever move back to Las Vegas. This day I was scraping ice off of my car and started considering why I left Iowa in the first place, so many years ago. I think that the considerations that I’m discussing propelled me into a better reality. Talking things out really does help! The beauty of a Podcast is your conjecturing might be helping others out too. We don’t always have people directly around us who are at the same frequency or who have the same frame of reference. I think that our frequencies shift often.

I have now realized that my resume is worth a lot more in a casino vs. in a data center on a community college campus. My livelihood is worth a lot more too. Being broke and bored doesn’t help anyone. I tried for three years straight to find my place in Iowa. I even tried to create a place. To somehow segment a group of friends, family meetups, and fun things to do. It just didn’t happen. Hopefully living my own best life can energetically bring more happiness to everyone I know. We only bring others down when we ourselves are miserable. You can’t be supportive in that mindset.

That said, I hope this Podcast can bring people up since it’s pretty entertaining. I have new world views on things since I absolutely have been not only guided spiritually, but actually carried by some force that is greater than myself. And this would be multiple times. Near death experiences, magic, time slowing down, hopping tracks, spells, potions, eternal life, and of course miracles.

Topics in this Podcast include: Warming things up before you take off, what makes reality stars fun to watch, the North Pole shift over the last few decades likely affected climate change, 5D reality could destroy the sun if creeps learn about it, a response to Kanye West’s TMZ rant, why nightclubs are the best, why YouTube is confusing, red vs blue 3D culture, and discussions of the Polar Vortex in the midwest that was happening at the time. Enjoy!