Black Box Facebook 2018 – What it means, what you should know, and when it’s happening.

Tomorrow is the Facebook blackout.

What it means:

It means that women are sick of being harassed.

What you should know:

Facebook would look a lot different without women.

When it’s happening:

8-9pm Sunday September 30, 2018

Some of my friends have already put the black box up as their profile pic. It’s supposed to be a secret message sent to only women, but I think that this needs to be grander than that.

Tell your friends, wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins and daughters to put up a black box as their profile image tomorrow night at 8 p.m. for an hour.

I am starting early because of time zones. I’ll probably go based on LA and take it down based on New York. So mine will be up for a few hours.

To participate right click with your mouse the picture below and save it to your desktop. Then upload it as your profile photo on Facebook. – Women Facebook Blackout 2018 Profile Picture Sunday September 30, 2018 8-9pm

If the goal is to scare women off, the predators on that sight are doing an AMAZING job. The more of an impact this movement makes tomorrow the stronger the urge will be to create policies that protect us. This includes preventing our information being hacked through the sight and fake accounts made by predators and criminals.

10 Fun Videos for a Rainy Day

Not sure what it’s like everywhere else, but right now it’s rainy and gloomy in Iowa. Thought I’d post some of my random videos from the last year and explain WHY they’re so random!

1. Havana Workout

This video is random because I had never heard this song before. The Havana song had just come out and I was obsessed with Cuba at the time. It had just become possible to travel there and I was researching it like crazy. As synchronicity would have it, a Havana song came out with a tango (my favorite dance) in the video! Here I was just doing my opening vinyasa stretches before a workout to Havana by Camila Cabello.

2. Cat Fountains Online

Picking out cat fountains and getting super excited about it is what makes this video unique. Aside from the Dubsmash of Jay Z and Kanye’s catchy hit Monster. This was my first experience really reading about carbon filters. If you’ve read my blog about activated charcoal you’ll see that I took this fascination even further to revamping my life. I never sold a cat fountain on my website unfortunately, and Collar Me Bad is still having a Sleeping Beauty rest. Hopefully the business will wake up soon and take over the world. This would be ideal.

3. The Most Epic Snapchat of All Time

This video is special because it’s the most epic Snapchat story of all time (as the title says). And it really is. There’s no way this Snapchat can be beat in entertainment value start to finish. I even took it down for a while because it’s embarrassing. Anything embarrassing entertains others.

4. Yorkie puppy knocks over my drink on purpose

This video is exceptional because any 3-year-old could tell in the first few seconds that the puppy was going to knock the glass over yet I somehow let it happen while continuing to record. I don’t like to interfere in the wild…

5. German Shepherd catches every piece of popcorn I throw.

This video is a few Snapchats in a row of Bonnie catching EVERY SINGLE KERNEL of popcorn that I throw. It got 4000 views on Facebook!

6. Dogs eating McDonalds

I got my dogs McDonalds two days in a row because they loved it so much. I documented the experience, including how to order for dogs. Unfortunately the aftermath was not good and I stopped feeding my dogs McDonalds for now. Day 3 involved a lot of clean up. Not cool.

7. Icy Girl Karaoke

Everyone liked this Icy Girl is a catchy song with a good message. Also my hair and nails are on point. Could use some eye make-up though…

8. German Shepherd puppy climbs stairs for the 1st time.

This is one of Bonnie’s first videos ever! She was such an adorable German Shepherd puppy. I think that you’ll agree. Her ears couldn’t stand up yet and would change sides with her mood. She’s climbing stairs here for the first time. The leash was my friend’s leash from 2004. It’s very retro.

9. House with no Furniture

In this video I act like it’s cool to not have furniture. It’s a defense mechanism. You can enjoy seeing how I lived for 5 months. No furniture, no problem!

10. Workout Music Video

Workout videos are always fun. I picked a random song on and really hate it now. The song sucks too.

Stop to Start

Sometimes you go your whole life looking for something that will make you feel complete. That will make you stop yearning and stop searching. And then you find it and you realize that you can’t have it for some fundamental reason. As painful as it is, you realize that it’s not for you and then somehow you’re able to move on. You’re able to stop. Then everything starts.


Recommended read: The Alchemist

The old bag and the mini cart: Priceless moments at HyVee

My experience at HyVee today:

It never ceases to amaze me the soundbites from the grocery bagger kids. This was my first job by the way (ages 14-16, all through the hot Iowa summers and freezing Iowa winters) so I can talk about them like that. No one else can hate on my baggers unless you tip. Then they wouldn’t care…though it’s doubtful any bagger cares about you in the slightest. Also, unfortunately, if you tip they will likely deny it because they’re still pure and they’re told not to accept tips. I wouldn’t accept tips when I was a bagger either. Now I always explain to the kids who bring my groceries out how life works and make them take the tip. It’s always nice seeing the first sparkle of evil in someone’s eyes. Priceless.

Today’s HyVee adventure was marked by me trying to use a mini-cart because I know that I can’t afford any more than what would fit in one. Of course everything is falling out by the time I pull up to checkout. I have yogurts stashed all around Bonnie’s reverse osmosis water and I’m unloading the stuff onto the conveyor belt as the items are passing over the checkout to the bagger. He looks less than enthused about the whole bagging world in general but then notices my mini cart and slowly looks over at the already 8 bags of groceries. He just keeps bagging but doesn’t even attempt putting any bags into the cart that is already pretty much full with just the 5 jugs of reverse osmosis water. So I push the cart up another foot n do kind of a short-down then long-up nod toward it.

I learned this move from Boca by the way. She does that whenever I’m eating so I know that she’s interested in my food. She looks at the food (long stare), then looks at me, then looks at the food. It’s like 4 count, 2 count, 4 count for emphasis. It means that she sees that I have food and that she’s interested in the food and wants me to give it to her. And, in case I’m stupid, she looks at the food again to be sure that she knows that I know.

So I look at the cart and then at the bagger letting him know that I know that he wasn’t able to reach the cart before but now would be able to because I released it to him. And just to give an accurate description of the scene, he has a 1950s-ish haircut which is probably not his fault but that of a lazy Great Clips professional. He seems to be dead inside and is also wearing glasses. I just know exactly how he’s feeling because by this time I’m feeling it too. He starts loading the bags on top of the jugs and they are overflowing so I’m holding the top ones so they don’t fall off. I say something like, “Is this all going to fit?” and he COMPLETELY ignores me. He doesn’t even flinch. It was brilliant. Then I say, as he’s bringing the bag of eggs over, “Are they going to fit?” and he just hands them to me so I have to let go of everything else with my left hand to grab them. Then I just say in a joking fashion to lighten the closing of the situation, “Do you think everything’s going to fall off?”

“I don’t know.”

Total blank stare OJ face. So I’m pulling out and everything’s falling off all over the place and I can’t stop laughing so everyone that sees me starts laughing. I feel that this story is a great example of why we shouldn’t mask our true feelings. Because chances are, if you’re miserable a lot of the rest of us are miserable too. When you realize that you’re not alone you feel a little less miserable. Also it’s nice to make light of a shitty situation like grocery shopping.

I just got home and let Bonnie and Boca eat the rest of the meatloaf to clear out the fridge. They love my cooking. I got little mini ice cream social party cups of ice cream, and gelato and Kemps pumpkin ice cream. So excited about these. I clearly have way too much mental energy right now. I need to go watch a Tina Fey show so I can feel better about myself.

Roman Holiday

You know in Austin Powers when he’s driving around the coastline and says, “England in no way looks like Southern California?”

Well…this is what I’ve been thinking about all day: Iowa looks, in a lot of ways, like Northern Italy.

Let me start with saying that I have a half-written blog about my trip up the Amalfi Coast. It was amazing! We started in Rome (the Italian countryside north of Rome) on the way to Florence. The countryside looks JUST LIKE Eastern Iowa. The same flora and fauna. It was so confusing to me. The climate is the same too. So in my blog about the trip I mention that the trees, the grass and even the weeds are the same as what I remember growing up in Iowa. The only thing different that I noticed was the sunflower fields everywhere. We don’t have those in Iowa.

Well, scratch that because my friend just posted a picture of herself in front of a sunflower field. I guess that they don’t have them around Iowa City because that’s either million dollar homes or cornfields.

Iowa City is so ridiculous by the way. The cost of living is pretty close to that of Los Angeles. I don’t think that people understand this. The houses on that new road between West High and HyVee Coralville are $660k and up. $660k is the cheapest one that I’ve seen. Wtf!? I didn’t realize that everyone was rich af there until now. Pardon my slang. No one flaunts their wealth really in Iowa City. It’s more about stature at the U of I in whatever respect. It’s very academic but also super earthy. Downtown Iowa City is magical. It’s progressive and free. I love it so much! So anyway, Iowa City is completely different from anywhere else…as everywhere is. Not to sound like Dr. Seuss.

So back to the sunflower fields in Rome: I was there roughly, if not exactly, this time of year four years ago. Sometimes the air of a place is tangible and you don’t remember it until that season comes again, or if you experience something like it.

Now I’m thinking about my Barbie perfume because the scent and time are burned in my mind somehow and anytime I smell anything like it it throws me back to age 4 playing Barbies in my best friend Janelle’s room. She had the Barbie castle too. She had everything. And she was better at everything too. Not jealous. She was even taller than me. Her hair was longer, she was smarter, she had cooler toys, and she didn’t lash out when punished. So, Janelle and I used to eat sand, which would make her human, but I did see her as larger than human, almost godlike. She was in Kindergarten. It was the major leagues and I was still stuck in church pre-school with Mikey (her younger brother). I miss them.

Moving on…

The air in Rome (North of Rome) was exactly like the air in Iowa in September. The ditch weed looked the same and was the same height and color of the weeds in the ditches that I used to crash into when the gravel got me. So I was almost losing it in Rome knowing that the greatest conquerors, gangsters, aristocrats, athletes and thinkers had come from or had spent time in ROME. It was larger than life. Just the concept of it. Now I’m seeing sunflower fields around Des Moines and wondering: Is this Rome? Is Des Moines Rome and Florence Iowa City? I seriously need a drink.

Just can’t crack the code – Deirdre’s games

I hacked my hacker last night.

Just reflecting for a sec.

Well one of them. Surprisingly I didn’t have anyone actively sending malicious code in the last two weeks that I had deleted Facebook. Login and all of a sudden I do a web search and all that comes up are mature sites. It’s so annoying.

I pulled the code on the search result and figured out where the person is located. It crossed my mind, actually it has crossed my mind many times, that I don’t understand why anyone wants to attack all of my devices constantly. How am I a threat? Then it occurred to me that hackers are idiots.

They spend their days using their over-zealous energy to torment others. Having thousands of stalkers from Idiotbook I’m sure that I have numerous weirdos not just one. I keep changing my number to thwart their efforts. Hackers remind me of the Ivy League graduate housewife (Deirdre Robespierre) that bullies the entire Upper East Side on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Image result for deirdre kimmy schmidt gif

The subject is addressed in Season 2…as to her motives. She finally defeats the broken Jaqueline and gets really sad. Jaqueline pinpoints the motive behind Deirdre’s constant attacks: Wasted mental energy.

Image result for deirdre kimmy schmidt gif

Deirdre indicates that she had spent her day picking out stationary and turning on the dish disposal so she could scream.

Related image

Sabotaging Jaqueline’s party was the only way that she could feel alive and when it finally happened she almost assisted Jaqueline in stealing away her entire simultaneous party’s guest list by inviting all of the mistresses to the Jaqueline reject party. Deirdre gets really excited about Jaqueline’s momentary triumph despite her own defeat.

Image result for deirdre kimmy schmidt

I understand that a hacker may feel these similar waves of emotion during the course of a day working their Craigslist gigs. Anyone with advanced technical skills would want to push boundaries and really find an adequate target for their hatred. What’s better than an unsuspecting blonde who clearly has had an easy life of sabotage by other women and mass stalking and abuse from men and dogs? A target like this would need constant beatings through cyber attack for their gall to exist. Self improvement would be too easy and a hacker would need to satisfy more lofty intellectual goals to earn themselves a tier on the best-prank-so-far measure. A hacker never peaks but only gets better. Taking down an aging blogger would slaughter new ground.

C: \>Someone has to conquer this girl eventually.exe

Who better than a technologically savvy community college dropout? Sheer brilliance oozing out of the pores like radon.

Image result for deirdre kimmy schmidt gif

Understanding Small-cell Lung Cancer Onset and ways to Prevent it

This blog is about preventing cancer in general, not specifically small-cell lung cancer. I have included simple ways that you can avoid ever enduring the invasive horror that many of my relatives have suffered.

Recently my mother was diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer. The prognosis was not good and my world kinda fell apart. Well…her world fell apart. This is about her, not me. It affects everyone.

At the ER after my mom had to leave work because of chest pains. Isn’t that a lovely color for a rose. Melon color roses. Maybe it’s more coral.

I’ve been researching the connection between environmental factors and gene mutations, as it was discovered that her lung cancer was the result of a gene mutation. What I’m learning is that the consumption of iodine is drastically diminished in modern days (post 1970s) since iodine is not added to foods as it was before. Instead there are harmful additives to food and fluoride added to the water. Without iodine and anti-oxidants to help our healthy cells defeat intruders we cannot flush these (toxins, heavy metals, free radicals) out of our system and they cause reactions within the body.

So what’s the deal with fluoride?

Have you ever heard the term, “There must be something in the water?”

Though fluoride is a blessing when you look at the teeth of some of our European comrades, you should consider that ingesting fluoride on a daily basis is excessive. Absorbing radiation from cell phones, airplanes, towers etc is too. So is exposure to chemicals on our produce, horomones in our meat, and any other toxins/poisons that we are exposed to on a daily basis. We have to combat these and drinking more is just a tipping point in my opinion. That’s the reason for the assault on fluoride. I’d assault cigarettes but she never smoked. It had to be environmental for the gene to mutate, as hers did.

Because water is one of the most essential and highly consumed aspects of our daily exchange, I’m focusing on hazards related to drinking water and how to decrease these. It bothers me that bottled water is in plastic containers. These are toxic and if the water is stored in them in hot warehouses the toxicity increases drastically. Distilled water seems to be the best option from my research because it is deduced to H2O. That’s all it is and adding any other atoms or molecules can cause unexpected reactions.

So what’s my option because I have to drink water?

If you can’t get a filtration system for your home then bottling distilled water from the grocery store yourself is the most controlled way to obtain it. It is distilled on site and the storage is minimal compared to water that has been sitting on the store shelf or in warehouses. I was drinking alkaline water for a long time but the alkaline properties diminish after a few days and you are faced with the same issue of the water sitting in plastic in warehouses and on the shelf.

Quick aside about alkaline water:

This is digressing, but an alkaline body is also ideal for fighting off disease. Poisons make our body acidic. The Kangen water filtration system is amazing. It’s installed in your home and you can adjust the alkalinity of the water to acidic or you can turn it up to 9.5 ph for example. I tried drinking this level of ph when I worked at a Spa in Westwood called Beba Beauty. Your body will start detoxing and you’ll get headaches. If you try alkaline water, ease your way into it. I’ve discovered other ways of alkalizing my body.

How to flush out toxins on a grand scale: Iodine

One of the most important things, it seems, in preventing cancer and other body ailments is simply supplementing iodine into your diet. You can buy it for $4 at or get it from juicing kale or eating seaweed salad. That’s how I used to get it. I am going to try supplementing it now.

EGFR Gene Mutations:

There is also a connection between testosterone levels and small-cell lung cancer. I wonder if the horomonal changes as women get older doesn’t contribute to the onset of cancers involving the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). That is the gene that affects 1/3 of people who develop small-cell lung cancer. The reason for this is that it actually assists the tumor cells in obtaining a blood supply. The tumors then become very powerful and are able to attack healthy cells and convert them. I compare this to gossip. You could have a group of friends and have one toxic “cancerous” friend who starts spreading toxicity to the surrounding friends or cells. Then the cells become toxic themselves and kill off all of the good cells. So then the entire population/body is cancer due to metastasis. This should be avoided by taking gene suppression therapy or by using immunotherapy infusion.

Cancer prevention and the immune system: Healthy immune system vs toxic illustration.

How cancer spreads.

Information about iodine and how it flushes the system.

Some great resources where I got this info:


Cancer as a fungus

Some people believe that cancer is actually caused by a fungus.

Candida is a fungus that causes minor ailments. On a grander scale it can infect the gut and become a systemic, chronic condition. Whether candida is connected to the secondary onset of cancer (in any form) is something to consider.

Mold is also a common fungus that reproduces through spores that are released into the air. When these are inhaled “toxic mold syndrome” is experienced. This is deadly.

Conspiracy theories about the connection between these common fungi and cancer aside, these two simple extracts have more benefits for overall well-being than anything else I’ve ever researched.

-Oil of Oregano

-Iodine (sources include: Kelp, Seaweed, Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health, Liquid Iodine, Lugol’s Iodine, Nascent Iodine and/or Potassium Iodide)

Both are available for less than $10 at    They are also available at Whole Foods and on Amazon.

For under $10 you can prevent candida from invading your system by supplementing Oil of Oregano into your diet with your daily multivitamin. It’s worth a shot! The biggest thing that I want people to get out of this blog is the importance of supplementing Oil of Oregano and Iodine into your diet.

More about the fungus/cancer connection:

Very cool retro movie!

More about the benefits of Oil of Oregano:

One last thing…

If you want my favorite all-around health secret (aside from Iodine and Oil of Oregano) it’s called Zyflamend by New Chapter. New Chapter has the most bio-available vitamins on the market. This is a blog in itself. Soon to come…

Venus Retrograde 2018 Guide – Friends, career, home and food.

Venus Retrograde Fall 2018 – Starts September 3 with effects being felt through the end of 2018

Venus (my favorite planet) is in retrograde for the rest of the year. While I could do something drastic, I am choosing this time to outsmart it and to look at the situation with the ice cream container half full.

Venus is the planet of beauty and love. When it’s in retrograde everyone looks like crap. Instead of changing your look or starting a new fitness program, try doing the things that you never let yourself do when you have control over your life!

Venus retrograde – Anyone want pizza?

Hate working out? Good. Sit on the couch right now and let your body go back to baseline. Everyone needs a reset at some point just like a computer. That’s what cheat days are about. That’s what you do when you plateau in a workout regimen. You completely change everything up or take time off. A step backward can give you momentum into moving forward further than you’ve ever gone before. It’s like a slingshot. In physics, inertia is a phenomenon where you change nothing so nothing changes. If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got. The slinghot scenario is pulling back, such in this case as pulling back on the self control when it comes to overly strict appearance standards, so you can be propelled into maximum velocity in your movement toward your target. Balance is the key to life so you want to hit the ground running when Venus is solidly heading direct again in January. This is the perfect time too since it’s winter and no one cares about your looks that much right now anyway. Get some sweaters and focus on things that are more internal and/or concrete.

Oh, hi. I’m really skinny under the sweater. You saw me last month. I was skinny. How could I be fat already? No one can eat 9,000 calories a day! (Jessica Simpson – Queen of the bait and switch).

I’ve noticed in my personal life, as I look back, that I make huge progress during Venus retrogrades. The last Venus retrograde was in Spring of 2017. You can think back to what was going on during this time. I started a business.

Collar Me Bad Subscription Boxes for Dogs and Cats

The last Venus retrograde in Scorpio (just like that one that we’re in) was in 2010. Do you remember what was going on in the fall of 2010? Chances are it was a time of growing pains but looking back you may have conquered new territory both figuratively and possibly realistically.

Through the course of one lifetime, Venus only retrogrades in five signs:
Gemini – May/June 2004 + May/June 2012
Capricorn/early Aquarius – December 2005/January 2006 + December 2013/January 2014
Leo/early Virgo –July to September 2007 + July to September 2015
Aries – March/April 2009 + March/April 2017
Late Libra/Scorpio – October/November 2010 +  October/November 2018 (

Looking at this chart I had major breakups, meltdowns, moves and career transitions during most of these times.

I’m going to use my move to Los Angeles as an example of how the last Venus in Scorpio worked for me.

I moved to Hollywood in the fall of 2010 and started working at a sound studio. I wasn’t making enough to own a car and my whole life had fallen apart in the year before. I broke up with the love of my life and also transitioned from Las Vegas where I was making huge money to making $12 an hour with no love and looking HORRIBLE. Right after this time, however, I had the time of my life. I met my best girlfriends as an adult during this time as we all struggled in Hollywood.

At the Los Angeles Museum of Art with Amanda having fun early 2011
Girls trip to San Diego August 2010 – Meagan (, Liz, Kristin and Me (of course and slightly unfortunately)
New Years 2010/2011 working for Dealer Dolls at a party in Santa Monica
Netflix and chill Friday nights at Amanda and Thayer’s – Fall 2010

Having fun in Los Angeles with friends Fall 2010 and Spring 2011

I became vegan and stopped drinking.

Feeling good eating vegan and not drinking.

I looked and felt great. I wasn’t driven by jealousy or anger because of my lifestyle. The most wretched fall lead to a much better lifestyle.

A nice vegan staple sample at Whole Foods – July 2011
Wow did I look forward to that vegan latte everyday! Those espresso pods give me a buzz!

Not to get ahead of myself too much, I’m eating a tub of ice cream right now. Venus retrograde is about relishing in your ugliness and doing things that make yourself uglier…because there’s no stopping it. Your plan is to dig yourself out of the ugly hole in January and by summer to be on track with a healthy lifestyle. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Going for walks in the hills during my happy/healthy 2011


More reasons to love Kristin Cavallari

Anybody else have this experience every time they go into any social setting? Just seems funny who ends up being the bad guy when all she did was walk into a room and say hi to people she’s known for years. Then she gets attacked by nearly the entire room. And we wonder why people have defense mechanisms. Hmm… Happy Saturday. Hope no one sees you as a threat so you can enjoy your day!