Being abusive strategy: Choosing a victim

If you’re going to have complete mind control over someone it’s important to first assure yourself that the person is of limited enough mind for you to understand.  With portions of thinking unbridled, such as self-esteem and an underlying sense of ethics, you will never truly be able to rein in your victim. A rational thinking human being will see your outbursts and unreasonableness as character flaws.  They will lose respect for your opinions. When a controller has no respect then he/she is powerless. Before asserting yourself as “in control” you must find someone who is not. This person may not be whole as a person in some sort of way. They may be insecure, be it from society or a past abusive relationship.  Someone used to abuse is a wonderful target because they have clearly accepted that they are deserving of repeated beatings and fall easily back into stockholm syndrome. You will just substitute yourself in as the abuser.