10 Fun Videos for a Rainy Day

Not sure what it’s like everywhere else, but right now it’s rainy and gloomy in Iowa. Thought I’d post some of my random videos from the last year and explain WHY they’re so random!

1. Havana Workout

This video is random because I had never heard this song before. The Havana song had just come out and I was obsessed with Cuba at the time. It had just become possible to travel there and I was researching it like crazy. As synchronicity would have it, a Havana song came out with a tango (my favorite dance) in the video! Here I was just doing my opening vinyasa stretches before a workout to Havana by Camila Cabello.

2. Cat Fountains Online

Picking out cat fountains and getting super excited about it is what makes this video unique. Aside from the Dubsmash of Jay Z and Kanye’s catchy hit Monster. This was my first experience really reading about carbon filters. If you’ve read my blog about activated charcoal you’ll see that I took this fascination even further to revamping my life. I never sold a cat fountain on my website unfortunately, and Collar Me Bad is still having a Sleeping Beauty rest. Hopefully the business will wake up soon and take over the world. This would be ideal.

3. The Most Epic Snapchat of All Time

This video is special because it’s the most epic Snapchat story of all time (as the title says). And it really is. There’s no way this Snapchat can be beat in entertainment value start to finish. I even took it down for a while because it’s embarrassing. Anything embarrassing entertains others.

4. Yorkie puppy knocks over my drink on purpose

This video is exceptional because any 3-year-old could tell in the first few seconds that the puppy was going to knock the glass over yet I somehow let it happen while continuing to record. I don’t like to interfere in the wild…

5. German Shepherd catches every piece of popcorn I throw.

This video is a few Snapchats in a row of Bonnie catching EVERY SINGLE KERNEL of popcorn that I throw. It got 4000 views on Facebook!

6. Dogs eating McDonalds

I got my dogs McDonalds two days in a row because they loved it so much. I documented the experience, including how to order for dogs. Unfortunately the aftermath was not good and I stopped feeding my dogs McDonalds for now. Day 3 involved a lot of clean up. Not cool.

7. Icy Girl Karaoke

Everyone liked this Musical.ly. Icy Girl is a catchy song with a good message. Also my hair and nails are on point. Could use some eye make-up though…

8. German Shepherd puppy climbs stairs for the 1st time.

This is one of Bonnie’s first videos ever! She was such an adorable German Shepherd puppy. I think that you’ll agree. Her ears couldn’t stand up yet and would change sides with her mood. She’s climbing stairs here for the first time. The leash was my friend’s leash from 2004. It’s very retro.

9. House with no Furniture

In this video I act like it’s cool to not have furniture. It’s a defense mechanism. You can enjoy seeing how I lived for 5 months. No furniture, no problem!

10. Workout Music Video

Workout videos are always fun. I picked a random song on Musical.ly and really hate it now. The song sucks too.