Holy Grail

My six-month guide to turning back the clock 10 years is published!

You Don’t Need a Facelift beauty secrets from Bethany Ryan to turn back the clock 10 years. Includes a six-month weekly schedule that will have you aging in reverse. Available now on Amazon!

This is my holy grail, fountain of youth secret to stopping the clock. I break down week-by-week what you can do to age in reverse without going under the knife.

I also explain exactly what happens when people do get a facelift and how to undergo this procedure intelligently if you have reached a point of aging where you are looking for radical transformation. No matter your level of aging this guide will stop the clock wherever you’re at and turn back the hands of time 10 years!

I have followed this routine myself many times. There were times in my life where I was partying a lot in the midst of traveling and gaining and losing weight. All of these things take a toll, as does stopping my regular self-care practices that are detailed in this guide. At those times, father time started to catch up with me and I had to put into practice once more my tried-and-true anti-aging secrets. 

Each time that I have noticed aging setting in I think that it’s too late and that I’ll never be able to get things under control again, and each time I prove myself wrong!

Me pulling myself together in the midst of the 6-month treatment plan!

This guide really works! It is my second book and is available now on Amazon for purchase in Kindle format or as an 8 ½ x 11 color guide complete with medical illustrations and a six-month schedule. My next book is a 2020 beauty and style guide which will be coming out in the next week or so. I will do a post when that one is out. Thank you so much for your loyalty in enjoying this page! Hope you love the guide.

Yours truly,

Bethany Ryan

Harmony and Balance: The Aesthetic Appeal of Challenge

Beauty is pain. We’ve all heard this. And life is pain. The reason behind both is a simple philosophic calculation:

If Beauty = Pain

And Life = Pain

Then Beauty = Life

The pain behind beauty is learning discipline. When we are off balance you can see it. It reveals itself in the quality of our hair, in our body latching onto water and fat, and in the actual physical proportional manifestation of our features. When an individual is said to be crooked, they are off balance. Characters with noses that jut off to one side may play the villain in movies. Conversely it’s difficult for us to find evil in someone aesthetically lovely. If a person has kind eyes but they’re a little wily, we somehow forgive them much easier than someone who on the outside appears as if he or she has no self respect.

I notice that the more difficult my life becomes, and the more that I feel challenged on a minute-to-minute basis, the more my features coordinate into symmetry. I noticed this first when I did the lemon cleanse for three days in 2013. My face had become puffy and detoxing was an emotional roller coaster. There was also physical hunger. At the end of the fast I ate this organic farmer’s market salad and felt as if it were sacrilegious. It was so delicious! The pictures from this time, when I put myself together and got out there, were beautiful! We appreciate beauty in things that we work hard for.

Putting in effort despite any immediate payoff is also respected by others. When you put in hard work toward building your physique, home, or family there is a gigantic payoff when beauty emerges from it. Any creation of beauty through struggle results in an immense beauty that we could not have created without the struggle. That tension goes into the work, if it’s art. Tension in our faces or muscles keeps the skin taut. Less consumption makes you light. Discipline makes everything easier…by making it harder. There is a respect that comes from others when they see that what beauty you have in your life was CREATED by YOU!

We need to understand that we are here to learn. When your soul was a part of the unified spirit, you knew everything! You had no wants, no desires. Your job here is to have a human experience. You need to find out what your purpose is because nothing will fulfill you until that time in which it dawns on you what you are here to CREATE. Most of us find this calling and then it cannot be ignored or denied. No matter how much we try to do something else, once you ignite your soul purpose (north node will give insight to this) it becomes this monster of its own.

For me, my soul purpose involves creating. It involves art and it involves astrology. Through times when I had the least guidance I had to look within. Everything outside felt wrong. I knew that I didn’t belong fitting into a mold that caused disharmony in my soul. That’s when I took on a mission to find this tension in others. To make it feel at peace, even for a moment. No matter the discomfort involved, being inauthentic is no longer an option for me because it’s detrimental to people LIKE me! If I let myself bend toward a way of existence that does not fit my inherent gut vibe of balance, I will forever be medicated. I will forever be false.

Before I understood my sensitivity as a strength, I suffered in other people’s worlds. Now I know where my peace is. I know where I’m centered. And now I know what to play with when I need some adjusting. That’s the amazing thing about astrology. It’s a chart from the heavens that explains EXACTLY the energies going on at the moment so you can identify difficult aspects and instead of triggering those, strengthen the BENEFICIAL aspects!

Negative aspects in astrology are simply warnings. It’s like a warning from your body. If your upper back is hurting from tension, you likely need to strengthen your lower back and core. You need to support areas of tension by strengthening the integral whole. If I am prone to having a messy home, I ABSOLUTELY MUST have a clean home for my life to be structured. Look at wherever you struggle. Look at what you don’t want to do on a daily basis. This is what you NEED to do to be ready for the inevitable changes in the weather. In the back scenario, it could be that an injury is in your 6th house potential. When igniting your inner warrior, however, and hopping on a fitness plan that balances out your entire life you may hop tracks and end up on a harmonious path of health. Maybe the maladies that could have come to you will instead be maladies that you help others overcome.

Instead of dealing with daily anxiety in not knowing what your path will be, you can take action and became stronger. You create a routine. You meet people along the way. You may look amazing in a way that you never had before from all of the discipline. Gaining the respect of others leads to new opportunities. It opens doors. You will always find doors open when you choose the more difficult path. The easy path, the one where you get something for free, results in a bunch of hiccups that you didn’t expect. You have to take control of your destiny or it will take control of you. That doesn’t sound very fun!

Identify right now physical ailments. That’s your first big task because those ailments have gotten so out of hand that they’re showing up causing physical pain. Deal with these. Take a sick day if you need to. Do nothing and find deep within you what feels wrong. How is this exposing itself in disharmony in your body? Upper back pain could be from sitting all day in a chair in front of a light box. Overstimulated in certain ways but under-stimulated in others.

The lifestyle that we’re living is not conducive to inner and outer health. Everyone is medicated. If you’re not, you’re actually the exception. It was mind boggling when I learned this. If you get to know enough people pretty well, they’ll let you know that you’re not alone. We hide so much from each other and this prevents us from growing as a community. Companies that embrace wellness and incorporate a fun atmosphere, positive reinforcement, and opportunities for health and leisure are rewarded with a creative, motivated staff that works as a team.

Sometimes making a change is not an option, or doesn’t appear to be. A lot of times we get wound up into a tight spot that gives us no way out. Say you’re working 9-5 with a job that you need to support your family and keep your home. That’s a pretty common scenario. Then all of a sudden there’s a break. If you don’t take it the universe has a way of showing you that SOMETHING’s got to give! I used to sell gym memberships at an elite gym in West Hollywood. One of our selling points was to explain to people who object with, “I need to worry about my family first,” that they cannot support their family if they themselves are not whole. If your ship is sinking you have no way of pulling up others in the same scenario. When you take time for peace and make yourself look and feel great you’ll reward those around you by not meddling too much, and also by really listening to what they need. They will take cues from you and become whole themselves. It’s all about energy. Really learning to diffuse and re-direct energy.

In work scenarios, I notice that people get disharmoniously involved in the work atmosphere. If you’re at work and everyone’s going out as a group but you don’t enjoy being around them, politely excuse yourself. There’s only so much work you can deal with. Plus it’s best that your colleagues don’t know the inner workings of your soul and life anyway. Think of them as competitors. You didn’t see Conor McGregor hanging out bro-style with Floyd Mayweather before their fight. Work is all about competition. Anything you say can and will be used against you. Keep your game face on at work. Use your breaks to re-center. After work is all about YOU time. If you have to go home to an annoying family, I definitely would join a gym. I love the solitude of getting on the elliptical and listening to gangster rap about shooting people. It makes me not fantasize about it in real life.

Okay that escalated quickly. Back to zen and tranquility…

I just honestly got off center thinking about office life and trying to find balance in that scenario. To cool off I went and made coffee. I’m looking out over the trees at my AirBnb here in Costa Rica while I hear Adele playing somewhere within the canopy. It’s beautiful! The beauty is what we need more of. Put an orchid or peace lily on your desk and maybe a little fountain with rocks underneath the desk. Get a gigantic rose quartz and leave it out in the sun to cleanse and charge all weekend when you’re off then have it radiate loving energy to your heart all week at work. Drink Synergy Kombucha. Watch a Russell Brand YouTube video on break. Self-publish something amazing you did today. Something that you’re truly proud of. These things always help me when I can’t control a tense external situation.

No matter how zen your life is there’s always going to be tension. We are here to learn. When we stop learning there is always misery or a catalyst that leads to more learning. This is why we should always understand ourselves and the energy around us. This truly gives us the advantage in gracefully hopping to an anticipated landing spot. Don’t expect to land for long though. You’re going to be moving along your whole entire life unless you’re supporting others who are moving. Depending on how big of a masochist you are, your difficulty level was decided before you embarked on this journey! Isn’t that amazing? YOU chose to experience a difficult existence or an easy one. It’s really no different than playing a video game. Do you want a game that you can beat and then move on to the next game? Do you want a game that you can never beat but just keep learning the deeper intricacies and hacks? Or do you want to play Tetris? All day…everyday. Dink…dink…pshew pshew pshew.

Some of us chose games that can’t be beaten in this lifetime. Games that we want to inspire for any subsequent incarnations, or until there is no more game. Is this all in my head? Did I make this whole thing up and if so, are the other players simply bots in my game? I hate it when my allegories become literal. If it’s my game, and I know the difficulty level, then I’m pretty sure I’m ready for another go at elimination and creation. I have only a backpack with me going into my next level. The elimination portion is leaving behind any tools that will not serve me in this next level and the creation is of course about creating enough beauty around me to make the heightened skill level as enjoyable as possible while dealing with challenges I’ve never seen before. Like attracts like. If you want to see beauty you have to make yourself beautiful. If you want to make money you have to spend money. It’s not fair! I know…but I didn’t choose Tetris either.

The Potato Diet: 3-day food prep plan for digestive issues

Resistant starch diet plan created by Bethany Ryan

I’ve tried many diets, both vegan and diets including meat. I did a lot of low-carb diets that left me craving more. I have experimented with vegan options that would not cause digestive issues. It was hard for me to find anything to eat when I couldn’t tolerate gluten. In both of these cases I have discovered that resistant starches offer an answer. They are satisfying. Anyone who has had trouble with digestion or bloating in the past knows that comfort foods are what you want to eat. Potatoes are a comfort food and with my preparation methods you can enjoy them without the traditional side-effects. This easy, 3-day meal prep plan can help you even out your system while enjoying some really satisfying traditional meals that many of us have avoided for years! Hope this helps.

Grocery List:

  • 3 – 5 lb bags of potatoes
  • 1 – 2 lb bag of lemons
  • 2 – Cans/jars sauerkraut
  • 2 – Jars pickled beets
  • Large bottle Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother
  • Mayo, Vegenaise, or Miracle Whip
  • Vegan or regular sour cream (option for baked potatoes)
  • Earth Balance or non-vegan butter
  • Flavoring such as Himalayan Salt, Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric, Garlic, Onion etc
  • Chives (option)
  • Parsley (option)
  • Garlic, fresh or minced (option for mash)
  • Soy, coconut, almond or regular milk (or other for mashed potatoes)
  • 3 – Large Grapefruits
  • Diet Ginger Beer (option for snacks)
  • Raw, unflavored almonds or walnuts
  • Meal prep containers (2 compartment + separate small side dish)
  • 3 – Gt’s Synergy Organic Kombucha “Trilogy” (option for lunches)
  • 3 gallons of store brand Alkaline Water or Distilled Water

Meal Prep Instructions:

Fill two large pots with water and a heaping pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt in each. Be sure that you don’t overfill the pots with water. I do this frequently. Leave enough room to add the potatoes without spillover. When the water boils add as many potatoes from the 3 bags as you can, dividing them up between the two pots. You can use the rest for snacks and boil them later.

Boil potatoes so they are rare to medium rare. Don’t overcook them. You want them slightly firm. The key to this diet is to LET THE POTATOES COOL completely before eating them. After boiling strain out the water and put 5-7 potatoes to the side to make mashed potatoes. Throw the rest in a large glass bowl and pop it in the refrigerator.

If you have any potatoes left you can boil these now. After cooking, keep 3 whole cooked potatoes in a bowl in the refrigerator to make baked potatoes for dinners. The rest (if there are any) will just be extras that you can keep in the fridge to snack on between meals.

You will slice the snack potatoes up and eat them cold with lemon, apple cider vinegar and sauerkraut on the side (after initial cooling). You can also eat them plain or with hot sauce.

Mashed Potatoes (hot)

While still hot mash up the 5-7 warm potatoes that you set aside with a fork, mixer, masher, or other. Add in your butter, milk, parsley, salt, pepper, cayenne, turmeric etc. There are many vegan mashed potato recipes online if you need inspiration.

They key is to allow the potatoes to cool once. This alters the structure of the starch molecule and makes it indigestible. It then moves through your small intestines to your large intestines in tact. Once it reaches the colon the body ferments the the potatoes. This creates butyrate and is what is going to heal your digestive tract.

Fermented foods are natural probiotics. That’s why we’re adding beets and sauerkraut for added flavor to dishes.

Lemon and vinegar are used because they are acidic and help to heal a stomach that may have trouble in the initial stages of digestion. Food then moves into the small intestines where it becomes alkaline. I think that antacids are counter-intuitive to the true mechanism behind the digestive system and actually lead to many more issues in the future.

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory that works synergistically with black pepper. I recommend putting it in the potato salad to give it a little color.

Dish the mashed potatoes into individual fridge-safe (and microwave safe) covered containers and put them into the refrigerator to cool.

Potato Wedges (cold)

Take out half of the potatoes left that had been cooling. Slice the potatoes up as potato wedges, cubes, fries or however you like them.

When you slice them cool they stay in tact better.

Drizzle apple cider vinegar over the sliced potatoes. Squeeze a whole lemon over the top. Add some salt, pepper and cayenne pepper for flavor.

Option: Slice up some pickled beets and throw them on top. They will turn your potatoes red but enhance the flavor. They will also aid your liver enzymes in breaking down fats that you’re adding in preparation.

Put aside. You will be combining these potato wedges with the potato salad (below) in the food prep containers. You will then put these into the refrigerator for your meals.

Potato Salad (cold)

Chop the remaining cooled potatoes up into cubes. You can remove the peel if you want or leave it. Add Mayo, Vegenaise or Miracle Whip. There are all sorts of flavors now if you’re vegan. Jazz the potato salad up however you like.

Add some chives, salt, pepper, turmeric, mustard, cayenne, or whatever else you like on your potato salad.

ToGo Meal Prep for Lunch:

Put your two cold potato salads next to each other into medium containers that have lids. They can be divided if you prefer. Put the mashed potatoes into their own small containers so you can heat those up separately from the cold potato salads. Put the lids on and put the prepped potatoes into the refrigerator.

I recommend trying this diet for 3 days to reset your digestive tract. You can have the extra potatoes plain as snacks between meals. Eat them cold and as many as you want. You can also make them into other creations, such as baked potatoes for dinner.

Option: Put a Synergy Kombucha in with your lunch each day and some extra plain potatoes for snacks. Bring a lemon with you to squeeze onto the plain potatoes. You can keep them at your desk throughout the day.

Idea: Have hot water or tea, plain or with lemon, at work. This is AMAZING for getting your lymph system moving. The largest collection of lymph vessels is in the gut area so generally this EXTREMELY important system is affected by any digestive issues. It may even be responsible.

Sipping some hot water throughout the day sends a surge each time through your lymph system. This is what eliminates edema. So if your digestive issues have caused you to bloat, I would definitely recommend drinking warm water (from the red spout on the water or coffee machines) throughout the day.


You can have hot water with lemon, tea, black coffee, and grapefruit for breakfast. Do not eat grapefruit if you are taking any medications! Find out first if it’s contraindicated.

Idea: Boil a small pot of water with a whole lemon sliced in half in the water. Drink the hot lemon water.

This was recommended to me at one of those expensive weight loss centers. Doing this first thing in the morning is really great for losing weight!


Grapefruit, sauerkraut, raw unflavored almonds and walnuts, Diet Ginger Beer, and cold potatoes with lemon and apple cider vinegar.


Re-heated baked potato with butter, sour cream, salt, pepper, etc and:

  • Steak or seared tofu
  • Greens salad with garbanzo beans, cucumber, lemon and apple cider vinegar
  • Diet Ginger Beer or water

Before Bed:

Small glass of hot lemon water or caffeine-free ginger tea

More on Potato Diet Weight Loss:

The Joe Rogan Experience with Chris Kresser

Thomas DeLauer, Celebrity Diet Coach

Update: I stayed in an AirBnB in the middle of nowhere for a week and ate nothing but potatoes. I slept very well and my digestive issues went away. This gallery shows potatoes many ways. I enjoyed them most with lemon or lime, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.

Astrological Science: Explaining the quintessential planes concerning Babylonian, Classical, Biblical and Scientific observations.

It is possible that the spiritual plane and the physical plane could coexist in the exact same space. The same as a democrat’s world sits on top of a republican’s world yet they look completely different. They are perceptual realities. In my study of astrology, which started from astronomy and cartography as I’m learning reading Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, I notice that there are multiple planes. This would be 4D and 5D realities (and more). Where 4D and 5D are imperceivable dimensions to us, they explain animal aptitude for things like perceptually knowing when we will be arriving home with bizarre accuracy. Animals are able to communicate without speech. This extrasensory perception is something that humans are able to acquire and what the Age of Aquarius was/is all about.

The 4D and 5D worlds intersect and are layered. They surround systems. Like a halo is represented around the head of Christ or an aura surrounds the body of a person in Eastern Religions, spheres surround our planet and radiate out. These dimensions include light and sound. This is why we see plastic surgery using lasers (focused wavelengths of light), ultrasound (inaudible sound frequencies), and radio frequency (electromagnetic rays). These technologies operate on those planes that we somehow forget, or fail to consider in scientific study. People who study ancient philosophy (present day) can miss the boat in neglecting the scientific 3D plane of existence, even though it should be the inspiration for their continued study. It’s difficult for someone to comprehend both the scientific model of the universe, the empirical models of the world, and the also incorporate theology because they all traditionally debunk each other. Any scientist who is familiar with light assistance in a targeted way or the use of sound to bypass specific physical planes, would 100% understand a plane of existence where “the firmament” is real. It’s just the fixed stars in astronomy. These tend to be really far away and difficult to perceive. Ptolemy was discovering and writing at the time the bible was created and had an understanding of changeable aspects of the heavens and those systems which do not move. His systems are explained in the literature produced by all major religions. Interestingly, you would think that you would base a solar system on those items which in essence are controls as they are unchangeable. Not on anything that spins on an axis or rotates around other things. That reminds me of the chaos of quantum physics.

Spirituality is the scientific method in action. What is perceived through time allows us to predict future occurrences and is no more mystical than a Farmer’s Almanac. The same way a Farmer’s Almanac uses the sun to predict what happens with each season, and a naval captain knows not to sail at a full moon, an astrologer uses planets, stars, and star systems to predict related experiences (depending on the historical nature of the celestial entity). Think about the experiment in the 1950s where a “normal” housewife was subjected to a bunch of tests to confirm her emotional and mental stability, then asked to drop acid while being videotaped. Listen to what she describes (video below). She’s simply perceiving a dimension that we don’t normally have access to. The scientific method is about proving hypotheses through tests and coming up with theories based on empirical evidence. That’s exactly what astrology does. Whether every astrologer is a competent scientist is another matter.

The reason for this blog is that I see people interested in ancient astrological models stumble over scientific evidence to the contrary. What they fail to understand is that it’s possible that evidence gathered since the beginning of written time may have an impact on our current social systems. Neglecting this knowledge because of a lack of communication would be a shame! It’s fascinating. The library at Alexandria had to have been fantastic. Not everything has to have this rivalrous duality.

Gut Response

I can’t even turn on the television at all anymore without a visceral response of nausea. It always involves the constant beating down of someone strong or building up of someone weak. It’s basically an exhibition in nonsense. It’s maddening. At this point I have no sense of ego because of all of the repeated beatings in my own life. I was bullied by other women all through school. I kept to myself and endured the occasional hallway fight where I inevitably got 3 days off, a nice break from my work week or athletics schedule. Everyone always hated me so I started to hate myself. In college I was always jogging to get away from everything. I lived in a dorm that didn’t have a meal plan, as to avoid interactions with other people as they always ended up being painful…usually like a loss in brain cells but sometimes a long blunt emotional degradation. Like you obtain some sense of belonging for a brief second, in something people refer to as friendship, then there is the slash to break you down and send you even lower than you’d ever been before. Jobs generally result in some sort of caste system and leering men. The leering leads to stabs from women breaking down the physical appearance, conjecturing with colleagues about assumed plastic surgery, commenting on attire, and even researching my online presence…which always leads to awkward interactions at work and more difficulty in establishing domicile. Dating life between abusive relationships involves stalkers or people who want an ego boost at my expense. So I am just sitting here right now totally emotionless and I realize that I’m beyond humble at this point. I have no ego. I’m just completely numb, devoid of any substances or mind-altering pharmaceuticals. I figure that there is no point…at this point. If I drink I’ll feel crazier for a while then low to a point that’s unmanageable. If I present myself this way in public I feel guilty for subjecting others to the awkwardness of my mental state if I do anything as bold as talk. There is nothing that comes out of my mouth that doesn’t warrant an immediate grimace with a step back. Ohhh…she’s strange. I’m gonna go over here and drink like an asshole and find someone who’s ugly as fuck to discuss how strange she is, and possibly whether we should try to trap her into a sex crime, or whatever “normal people” do after popping their daily dose of gut microbe destroying synthetic serotonin that the government provides to those smart enough to chill under radar. Is that what I need?

East of Eden – The rise of Vedic Astrology – Podcast

Vedic Astrologer

Update: This Podcast was recorded when I was working at the TransAmerica Data Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this winter. Thought I’d explain what it’s about since it’s listed under Astrology. There’s a lot more than that going on… It’s interesting to me looking back now because at the time this Podcast was recorded I had NO intent to ever move back to Las Vegas. This day I was scraping ice off of my car and started considering why I left Iowa in the first place, so many years ago. I think that the considerations that I’m discussing propelled me into a better reality. Talking things out really does help! The beauty of a Podcast is your conjecturing might be helping others out too. We don’t always have people directly around us who are at the same frequency or who have the same frame of reference. I think that our frequencies shift often.

I have now realized that my resume is worth a lot more in a casino vs. in a data center on a community college campus. My livelihood is worth a lot more too. Being broke and bored doesn’t help anyone. I tried for three years straight to find my place in Iowa. I even tried to create a place. To somehow segment a group of friends, family meetups, and fun things to do. It just didn’t happen. Hopefully living my own best life can energetically bring more happiness to everyone I know. We only bring others down when we ourselves are miserable. You can’t be supportive in that mindset.

That said, I hope this Podcast can bring people up since it’s pretty entertaining. I have new world views on things since I absolutely have been not only guided spiritually, but actually carried by some force that is greater than myself. And this would be multiple times. Near death experiences, magic, time slowing down, hopping tracks, spells, potions, eternal life, and of course miracles.

Topics in this Podcast include: Warming things up before you take off, what makes reality stars fun to watch, the North Pole shift over the last few decades likely affected climate change, 5D reality could destroy the sun if creeps learn about it, a response to Kanye West’s TMZ rant, why nightclubs are the best, why YouTube is confusing, red vs blue 3D culture, and discussions of the Polar Vortex in the midwest that was happening at the time. Enjoy!

Revenge of the Humors

You might recall from history class that certain eras in European history were less than sanitary. Lately I’m obsessed with Versailles and the court of Louis XIV. The court apparently bathed very little because they found the opening of the pores when wet to be a detriment, especially considering the safety of the water itself.

Revenge of the Humors – Louis XIV trying to remain in balance.

The water contained micro-organisms that could make a person deathly ill. If you think of the costumes of this time you’ll remember that powder wigs were all the rage.

Do I look fab?

If we think of modern-day dry shampoo being powdered talc, it makes sense that these dirty folks would opt for other ways to cleanse. Powders clean us without that filthy water.

At the time of Louis XIV people washed their hands with alcohol upon rising in the morning.

Have us a sip?

Alcohol was actually a drink of choice in the past because it was safer to drink than plain water. Alcohol is a disinfectant. I keep rubbing alcohol and vinegar in spray bottles in my house and use them for everything. I also use bentonite clay and activated charcoal powder a lot for their propensity to bind to all of the harmful chemicals that we come into contact with. See…no water!

Just now I did a foot soak with bentonite clay and red wine vinegar. Then I sprayed myself down with red wine vinegar and threw some clean clothes on. It felt amazing. This was just an experiment. Vinegar is amazing for the skin. It alkalizes the skin. This is what a toner is, if you didn’t know. You can use vinegar as a face toner after cleansing and as a hair rinse to remove residue. Sometimes I’ll do a water-less face wash at night too. I just smear coconut oil all over my face and whipe it off with a paper towel. Voila! Like attracts like. It binds to the bad oil and nourishes my skin with it’s richness. I feel so amazing!

I’m doing a detox right now and have been documenting the stages on here. You can get a lot of toxins out of the body through the feet. This is probably why my foot soak felt so amazing just now. The bentonite clay draws out toxins the same way that Epsom or Himalayan salt would. It’s even more effective. It also contains trace minerals. People do face masks with bentonite clay and vinegar. I figured I’d do the face mask on my feet and just made a sludge with the clay and vinegar. I also threw in some Himalayan sea salt. Definitely feel rejuvenated post-soak.

Warning: If you do this, do not let the bentonite clay go down the drain because it will clog it. Then you’ll try throwing Draino, the most toxic substance known to man, down after to chase it and the bentonite clay will neutralize the Draino and expand while absorbing it. You’ll end up with a major plumbing problem.

Back to balancing the humors/cleaning and detoxing without water…

Another really gross way to detox is by oil pulling. You put your oil type of choice (usually coconut oil) in your mouth and swish it around. It pulls toxins out of your cheeks and teeth. I like adding oil of oregano and activated charcoal. The oil of oregano freshens the mouth and kills micro-organisms. The activated charcoal binds to toxins. This makes me feel better about them swishing around in my mouth for 20 minutes. I want to make sure that they don’t go back into my body so I feel better that they are killed in my mouth and adsorbed by the charcoal. After 20 minutes I spit the nasty black mixture into a bag and throw it in the trash (again not down the drain). Then I swish with water and sea salt to draw out any remaining crud and rinse. Oil pulling makes a HUGE difference in the cleanliness of the mouth. It can even clear out cavities to prevent them from getting worse. It majorly whitens the teeth. You just have to be aware that the activated charcoal can stain your mouth for a bit. You can put Vaseline on your lips before starting the swish to minimize temporary staining. I love to floss post oil pulling. I can feel the gritty activated charcoal between my teeth grabbing up all of the icky stuff. Then I swish again with the salt water. You should always do mouthwash of some sort after flossing. The bacteria that you stir up is dangerous if you swallow it. It’s best to oil pull right when you wake up to get all of that bacteria out before you eat anything. Unfortunately oil pulling is not fun at all. It’s miserable the whole time. I’m lazy about doing it lately.

What I’ve learned about the humors is that it was believed by the ancient Greeks and into the era of Louis XIV that people are predisposed to certain constitutions. There were elements that one could come into contact with that were thought to throw off the humors. This would lead to malaise and behavioral problems.

Cool Old School and Eastern Humor Charts

Beyond humors, there are the 8 constitutions that most acupuncturists will identify. They might not tell you what yours is, but chances are that your care plan is based on one of these 8 constitutions. And you should learn what yours is and adjust your diet to live a more vital life. My constitution is weak kidneys and chicken and alcohol are pretty much lethal for me. Still, that’s all I ingested this spring. Probably had a lot to do with my downfall but that’s another blog.

Try to look at the 8 types below and discern, possibly based on your history of issues with organs or sensitivity to food, to find out what constitution you are. Take note of some foods that are naturally agreeable for you. Have you noticed that you feel more vital when you’ve done certain health plans in the past? Diets are dependent on the individual. I do not believe that there is one cut and dried solution to health. Your food prescription is like any other medicine. Some people take insulin and some people take mood stabilizers. These are both “medicine” but are completely different from one another. Food is the same. You need to figure out what foods will benefit your body to live the most vital life possible. This should be a priority. Below I have posted the 8 constitutions and their food prescriptions.


If you find humors to be as intriguing as I do, below I have posted juicy article from the creative commons. Enjoy!

The 4 Humors and Erythrocyte Sedimentation: The Most Influential Observation in Medical History

Full-text PDF Download Here


2 Strange Health Theories that Might be True

1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

This may be more important than you think. Apple seeds contain amygdalin which is reduced to cyanide in your blood. Because mother nature wouldn’t produce a negative without a positive, we can be assured that if you eat an apple and happen to eat some seeds with it, the other compounds in the apple (benzaldehyde and glucose) will bind with the cyanide and actually make something called laetrile which is also known as B17. This has long been thought to counteract cancer (according to holistic healthcare enthusiasts). Cyanide is in our drinking water anyway, so if you’re exposed to that you could possibly counteract it by just eating an apple a day as the old wives tale went. This is the same with apricots and peaches too. There are actually Eastern cultures where a man’s wealth is measured by the number of apricot trees he owns.

Note: Eat the seed…not the core. It’s inside the core. Sorry to confuse you. Look it up.

I’m not a chemist of course, so I don’t completely understand how the processes work. I just know that I was always worried about seeds when making juice. I knew that they had cyanide in them and was scared about dying. It turns out that drinking water is far more dangerous. As explained in my blog about cancer it’s important to maintain a balanced and healthy body free from poisons. The easiest way to do this is to get DISTILLED (not spring) water. Distilled water is reduced to it’s most essential molecular form, as we know as H2O. I do think that there is more to the “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” theory regardless. And do believe that seeds are involved…

2. White rice is the fountain of youth

White rice affects mitochondrial health. A grain of rice actually LOOKS like a mitochondrion. We can remember from biology class that mitochondria are essential to life forms and contain their own ancient DNA. Maybe this has something to do with collective unconscious…but I read way too much Jung.

So why does it make you Jung? [Sorry…not funny]

Aging is caused by a decline in mitochondrial function. The mitochondria make chemical energy called ATP.  Or simply, they turn matter into energy. Remember Einstein? He talked about this a lot. Just trust me, mitochondria are important for anti-aging and rice has the blueprint.


Free radicals, among other things, damage macro molecules including the DNA in the mitochondria. This causes mutations in the mitochondrial DNA. If you slow down the damage to the DNA you delay aging. Mitochondrial damage IS reversible.

More about Mitochondria:

Josie Grouse talks about meeting the Dalai Lama (he was eating rice):

Why is it spiritual? It’s healing, which puts your body into balance. This enhances your intuitive senses.

You’ll probably start noticing face masks and various other products involving rice after reading this. That always happens when you become aware about something. Keep in mind that white rice is one of the most inexpensive and widely available staples all around the world! I would figure out how to make it at home if you want to do a face mask.

For a spiritual connection I have absolutely noticed that simply eating some plain, steamed white rice during the day before a meditation influences my connection to the experience. I feel light and open. The Dalai Lama eats rice all day. If you’re doing a fast maybe try breaking the fast with a bowl of white rice and waiting about an hour before eating anything else. Even simple intermittent fasting followed by white rice alone will be an interesting control for you as an experiment. See how you feel. Maybe this feeling is your connection to the cosmos!

Gluten Free since ’93

(should be the white rice campaign slogan)

Nightmares and Ghosts – Hauntings and Haters

I’ve noticed since living by myself that I don’t have nightmares anymore. Yet when I’ve lived with people before I’ve had spooky visions and have even been affected by hauntings.

Can you see your shadow? Shadow side that is…the deep subconscious that we ourselves often don’t even know about. That’s your ghost.

What is the connection? I think that we access whatever lives in our subconscious so if you have darkness and evil thoughts floating around that will affect those around you. Especially sensitive people. I believe that hauntings are bad energy that was left behind. That’s why there would be “ghosts” if there was something catastrophic. Anything super traumatic would leave behind an energy footprint. Some people carry around this sort of thing and it can manifest into real experiences.

Not to freak you out, but your mind is truly the most powerful thing in YOUR world. You can create things that happen around you. You choose to experience this existence however you want. So if you give energy to bad memories that haunt you, you could have a physical haunting experience. I’m really into sound therapy right now and there are a lot of warnings that go with activating certain parts of your mind. The subconscious can hold some pretty powerful stuff. So if you don’t want to unleash the titans, so to speak, you really need to change your mindset and come to terms with things that have happened in your past.

Which one am I talking to?

I find that blaming myself helps in most situations. Truly. If something bad happens I think, “Well, why did that happen? I was doing bad stuff myself. Or I made bad decisions. I was in the wrong place. The timing was off.” Whatever it was that caused me to experience pain in the past, I try to let it go and not be marked by it. It helps that I stay away from people though. When you have to go out into the world everyday you are affected by the mindset of others. This is scary stuff.

If you work with a lot of people you might experience haters. Haters make it difficult to come to terms with your past because they keep bringing stuff up and throwing it in your face to try to break you down. A good way to deal with this, if you cannot eliminate the haters from your life (which is ultimately your best bet) then learn to not give af. I truly embraced not giving af when I realized that people make up stories about you. I was constantly dealing with a game of telephone. People would tell me rumors that were way off from the truth. Sometimes there would be outright lies. There really are a lot of bad people in the world. I hate to say this, but fundamentally what this blog is about is also what these bad people don’t understand how to control.

People who shoot bad energy out are coming from a place of utter hell. They can manifest this around them as they see the world to be bad so they are walking around in this self-created cemetery of hate and malice. That’s pretty heavy and you don’t need to take that on.

If someone targets you, know that it has nothing to do with you. If you are going about your business and are targeted truly through no fault of your own, then you can’t help it. You can only learn to deal with these situations. Never give energy to people who are trying to hurt you. It’s like a little kid or a dog trying to get attention. They smack their brother or pee on your shoe. Kids and dogs don’t mean to be evil and it’s hard to hold onto hate for a little kid or a dog. They don’t know any better. They are fundamentally selfish beings.

We need to start realizing that adults are just grown up kids. Most of us DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER. We’re not perfect beings. We’re all starting out reacting to life. What changes things is when we start choosing behavior and re-routing our paths. You might have heard people say “retrain your brain.” This is part of that. We can actively create our lives by being cognizant of what we are putting out and how we DECIDE to react, diffuse or ignore situations.

Check out that beautiful angel orb. That’s an example of a positive energy footprint on this world. Good people = angel energy.

When you see the little kid inside of someone who was confused and sad, you would never want to hurt them more. You would want to help them to feel safe and learn to deal with the world around them so it turns from a dark thriller into a beautiful comedy in technicolor. That’s why I’m writing these blogs. I’m not getting anything out of it other than the gratification of knowing that maybe there’s someone out there who is like me. Someone who wants to live in heaven but has been through hell. The easiest way to start creating more beauty around you is to immediately see that little kid in every person you encounter. That’s who you’re talking to. The rest should unfold naturally.


Love Tender by Blur. It’s one of my all-time favorite songs…because it’s about loving your ghosts.

Tender is the ghost
The ghost I love the most
Hiding from the sun
Waiting for the night to come
Tender is my heart
I’m screwing up my life
Lord I need to find
Someone who can heal my mind

A great sound meditation to help you clear your demons:

I listen to these when I feel like I need a nap. I always wake up right when the meditation stops and feel refreshed. Sometimes it’s not pleasant though. If you have had a release you may feel tired. You may also feel hungry if you’ve cleared a blockage. I will never share a trance frequency that I haven’t tried myself and had positive results from. This one is magnificent! It was transformational for me on a REALLY bad day.

Once you feel that you’re in a good place and want to start manifesting things in your life you can transition to one of these:

And once you reach a spiritual place of love and acceptance, you can start focusing on manifesting abundance in the physical realm. Obviously money is the key that unlocks all of the comforts of life. Entering this space, however, requires openness and positivity.

“I’m friends with the monster

that’s under my bed.

I get along with the voices

inside of my head.”

Boulevard Girl – A song about me, the Viper Room, Sunset Boulevard and walking alone

My friend wrote the song Boulevard Girl after we were at the Viper Room one very dramatic night.

Bottom left is where we parked and took a picture with the giant guitar in front of Coffee Bean, then crossed Sunset and went to Isla Cantina and Viper Room (bottom right). Top left is where I lived on Sycamore.

We had been at Isla Cantina having tequila most likely (I worked there but was off that night) then we went to the Viper Room. 

Booth where we were sitting at Viper Room

We went out to the patio after we’d had a drink with some people and I remember getting pissed off about some tawdry remark and just walked off.

Boulevard Girl – Bethany Ryan with a bad attitude on the Sunset Strip (this was taken in front of the Comedy Store in 2012)

I waved down a cab that was heading east and said, “I don’t have any money but can you take me home? I’ll give you money later.” The guy took me to Sycamore St where I was living at the time and we exchanged numbers. Probably never paid him though…but not because I didn’t want to.

Stevie playing guitar on a mountain – I need to see if he has that pic of us that night. I’ve never seen it.

Bartending at Isla Cantina – This is a good one with Halloween coming up. It’s my ode to Hamlet.

The next time that I talked to Stevie he said that the guy that we were with fell off of the 10 ft brick wall behind Isla after I left and was taken to the hospital. I asked if he went to the hospital too. He said, “Nah I just walked off. He was bleeding.”

A wise person once told me, “Nothing good happens after 2 am.” #goodadvice